Monday, July 20, 2009

CARINA 360°: Journalist's Erin Andrews privacy invaded

Erin Andrews, sports journalist for ESPN, was unknowingly being videotaped naked in her hotel room by some pervert.

The video was posted on various websites. Luckily it was taken down because of legal threats. But the damage is already done.

Even as I researched more about her; most searches said "Erin Andrews hot," or “Erin Andrews body.” Things having nothing to do with her profession at ESPN.

Being that women and sports are a male fantasy; Throughout most of her career, it would seem there would be more pressure on her to do well.

In an interview she said, "I think people that pay attention know how hard I work. At this point, I got to stop worrying about proving myself to people. It's all about continuing to get better for myself." I would call her a good role model for aspiring female journalists.'

Not that I watch ESPN all the time or anything, but she's good at her job. And it's disgraceful that someone would go and invade her privacy like that. No doubt she was sexually assaulted.

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"Assault on Erin Andrews' privacy scary for all female journalists."

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Published Online....Well sort of!

..... Ahem ahem, Ladies and Gentlemen! Jeremy is back for these short minutes that you're on this post. I just wanted to say that I just got published online on a Web site. Yes that's right, a real live Web site haha!
..... Sure, it may not be such a mainstream site, but still. It's not everyday one can look online for your very own writing. So I encourage all of my fellow reporters and even readers to peruse the Internet for places where even you can write and get posted!
..... Well I found this awesome Web site run by other teenagers considering a vocation to the priesthood and they have this section where they let people write about their own vocations. So I took the plunge and went for it!! I wrote a little something something. Read it and see if you like it:

Jeremy's something something

I believe the site is operated in the U.K. which increases the Wow-factor since anything European is cool right? haha Well bye folks!

- Jeremy Dela Cruz, that annoying religious guy!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

CARINA 360°: 'His Music Will Live Forever'

It was yesterday that for almost 3 hours, the world, or at least everyone with a TV or Internet access, was not to be bothered. Music history was taking place.

Michael Jackson's memorial service was emotional to watch. Those with the "golden ticket" filled the Staples Center. Performances’ by Mariah Carey, Usher, John Mayor, Jennifer Hudson, and his own brother seemed like a concert for a quick second.

However, all those performances weren’t notable enough when his daughter, Paris, called him the best dad in the world...then burst into tears into the arms of Janet Jackson.

The whole world was watching. And some people think it was too much for one man. According to the Los Angeles Times and HCD Research, 63% of Americans think he is getting to much coverage. But of those 63 percent, 80% are drawn to the media frenzy.

I don't find it surprising. People want to know. They can’t resist the drama and tragedy of this story.

Undoubtedly, a huge portion of his fans never knew him, but most people felt his death was like a huge loss in there own family. One fan being quoted as saying June 25, 2009 was the worst day of her life.

I wasn't his biggest fan, but I was a little sad. I remember when I was younger, watching the video “Thriller” with my brother. Both of us trying to dance like MJ. (Needless to say we did not succeed.)

In the end, the rumors and questions don‘t matter anymore. Michael Jackson was an entertainer. One of the best ones ever. Selling more than 750 million albums, becoming a music video icon with his original dance moves; he's been lending his voice to our ears since he was a teeny tiny boy.

August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

-This one of my favorite songs. The beautiful song of Jackson's pet rat, Ben.