Thursday, January 28, 2010

BOOKWORM: top earning author??

I was surprised to hear that the above author ( James Patterson) was named one of the TOP EARNING AUTHORS. Just thought I would share it!

I was only really surprised because I hadn't heard of him until this book came out. It is really good, I've read it. Definite reccomendation.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New policies in place

This post is from Mr. Bott, the adviser.

We now have two blog editors, and they have introduced a policy whereby "personal posts," the type becoming frequent in the past few days, will no longer be our thing.

If someone wants to lament about a friend or an ex-friend, this will not be the place. We will put our focus back on issues of substance, not grudges and gossip.

Those posts, which inspired a whirlwind of comments, are in the process of being deleted now.

I trust you can find our blogging site a place to find exciting ideas.

Monday, January 25, 2010

That Religious Guy: Proud to be Pro-Life

..... This past Sunday, Fr. Joe's homily made an impact on me. Fr. Joe Maghinay has been with the parish at St. Luke's for a couple of years now, leading the weekly bible study and ministering to the Filipino Catholic community. His speech is spiced with a mild Filipino accent, but his vocabulary is never less than proper and refined. People sometimes complain that he is hard to understand and his homilies are too long, but he's still important to the parish. He's probably the most outspoken Pro-Life priest at St. Luke's, peppering his Sunday sermons with reprimands of society's pro-choice tendencies.

..... Today, however, I woke up repeating his words to the parish. As usual, he went up to the pulpit on the right side of the altar and opened with a joke. He continued the homily and slowly but surely, began raising and lowering his voice, a sign that he believes what he says. Like an undulating wave, his words crashed into me, imprinting their meaning in my mind. He faced the congregation and said, "Europe used to be the Christian capital of the world. Well, name a Christian country in Europe now." Those words were building on his previous thoughts in his homily, how Catholics are no longer the majority in the world's populations and how Muslims are overtaking us. His homily was not so much a tirade against the birthrate of Muslims, but against the abortions committed on the unborn in the U.S., many done by Catholics.

..... How can we claim to be Catholic, yet stand idley by and let this infaticide continue? How can you be pro-choice and Catholic at the same time? It's not only a theological oxymoron but pretty moronic itself. With the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade being spent with Pro-Life marches in the East and the West Coast Walk for Life in California, true Christians are letting the world know that we won't stand for further injustices. I'm glad that Roe supporters like Robert MacCartney are starting to realize that the Pro-Life movement is not ending anytime soon. Younger generations are now taking the charge.

..... A Pro-Life advocate came to our youth group once and told us that the Pro-Life movement is the civil rights movement of our day. I for one firmly believe this since we're fighting for an individual's right to life, something that supercedes another's "right" to choose murder.

- Jeremy Dela Cruz

iLogic: Feeling a Bit Much Like a Hypocrite

Okay so this issue I am writing an opinion story on the whole vampire thing and how it has gotten completely out of control with students on our [Stagg] campus. I talked about Twilight being a bad thing and how it was ridiculously stupid.

Well that was until last night when the movie came on and I watched it to get a better idea as to why people are so crazed about this fantasy novel and the movie. Some would say it is because of the guys and my reason is the story line. I feel like the biggest hypocrite alive because I swore left and right that I wouldn't watch that movie as long as I was alive.

Maybe it was good that I chose a story that was way outside my comfort zone but that is what journalism is all about. Getting a good story that people would like to read, even if it means going outside my own comfort zone. I watched Twilight and now I see things totally differently and when I watched shows like True Blood and the Vampire Diaries I didn't get it all to well.

The point is that I picked a story way out of hand for me well not way out of hand. Just beyond my comfy zone and who would have known that it could have turned out to be a great thing for me in the end. New Moon here I come. I still feel like the biggest hypocrite but, the old saying is true "Don't judge a book by its cover."

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thumbs Up Michy!: Alesana - "The Emptiness"

Mythology of different cultures has been the inspiration for screamo band, Alesana. With past albums, "Where Myth Fades to Legend" and "On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax," the references of mythology and Greek Gods is apparent.

To be released on Jan 26, Alesana's new and perhaps most creative album gives off an ancient, yet mysterious mood.

Not only is it their best album yet with a harmonizing vocal range of clean singing and screaming, mixed with technical guitar riffs and pounding drums... it is also unique.

By reading through lyrics and looking at the sketches on Alesana's MySpace that were foreshadowing "The Emptiness," the mysterious background story seems to be about a romanticized murder of a girl named Annabel. The album reads like a book, with spoken words being recited before or after songs. I can only assume that this mysterious voice is from Annabel's lover.

Aside from the album's new and improved elements, Alesana's sound has also differed from their usual drum exploding breakdowns and intense screams. The album is more "poppy" sounding, reminding me of All Time Low A Skylit Drive, which has a more alternative rock sound rather than metalcore riffs. However, the album isn't completely "pop-rock" since the beat is mixed in with some shredding choruses. Shawn Milke's clean vocals dominate the album in harmony, making it sound melodic alongside Dennis Lee's technical screams.

-More at

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iLogic: Pathetically Depressed

Everything has been hitting me like a hurricane lately. I don't mean to be so "blah" about it but everything is just so "blah". With school and with my family. My problems aren't a big deal but in fact very stressful. I'm 15 years old, I am depressed and very stressed. This isn't a normal thing for a teenager to go through. I should be going out with my friends and having fun [free soul!] Instead I am tied down with a leash at my house, babysitting, studying and stressing to make my parents proud of me and for the price of what? My happiness? My freedom?

It's not a bad thing to babysit my sister because she is my world. Just sometimes I get so sick and tired of it. I'm depressed because I barely have a social life, my parents aren't bad people. It just seems like they don't really give a "hoo hoo" about my feelings. I know all they want is for me to get a good education and prosper in life, but they are going a little too far.

My dad says he doesn't want me to end up like him and my mom, that's his reason for keeping me at home all the time and my mom's excuse is somewhat similar. This is ridiculous and I feel so pathetic. I love my family but I need to get away from them every once in a great while. I'm not the type of daughter that doesn't appreciate anything because I do. I wouldn't trade my family for any other family even if they paid me. My point is that I'm 15 and depressed. That isn't normal, they[parents] need to just let the fact go that I am nothing like them and let me have a little bit of freedom.

Invinsible!: My Role Model

I met my biological father a little over a year ago. When I look at him, I see myself. We have the same ears, smile, nose, and eyes.

I regret all time we lost because I really connect with him. I am glad he is in my life and sober now. He spent months, and years in jail which helped him overcome his addiction. It sometimes hurt when I think about all the birthdays he missed.I still know he doesn't know everything about me. When I go to spend time with him, he acts more like a friend than a father figure. He always tells me he is so glad to have me in his life now, and that makes me smile.He is always bragging about me to all his friends. My dad has more friend than i do haha :) ! He is very social, and loves to have fun. He does the craziest things. Like i said before, when I look at him, I see me.

It is funny that we both have the same personality, and I didn't even know who he was when I was growing up. Even though he has missed many of my achievements I am fortunate that he will get to see me graduate highschool and college:). He didn't graduate, and I will make him a proud father.

The way I look at this sad situation is that he is finally taking responsibility. I wish I knew him my whole life, but in a way I am glad because I wouldn't of wanted to see him on drugs. I strongly encourage you to stay away from drugs and other harmful things because you will miss out on your life, and regret what you have done. All the time you spent away from your friends in family will create internal scars in you and them as well. You will drift away from the ones who care about you the most, and ruin who you are. Drugs control the way you act.

Even though I only known my father since October 2008, he is my role model. He let go of his past so he can have a better future. He quit drugs, and started rebuilding his life and family back together. I know he truly is sorry for letting drugs control him. Now he is back in control, and I am truly proud. He has taught me to not let anything push me away from all my goals that I want and desire. I love him. I forgive him. I am glad he is my father.

impractical Faith: In response to carina360°

So I'm not the only one that procrastinates...*phew* good to know. I'm also known for putting things off until the very last minute. My mom always has several clever comments when I procrastinate:
-You wouldn't put out a fire until it covered the entire house.
- You wouldn't pay a doctor bill until you were seconds away from death.
And my all-time favorite...
- You'll never put off until tomorrow, what you can forget about forever, huh?

Really though, procrastination can be deadly.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Thoughts

Since middle school I've always felt neglected. I began to feel the need for attention. It wasn't the attention of a diva but of a child who needs to know she's loved.

Throughout school, I realized teachers spend a lot of their time on students who don't achieve or work at the expected level. I was concerned, more upset to be specific by the lack of communication from my counselors. Students would always be sent to talk to their counselors but I was never invited. Of course these meetings weren't dealing with excellent behavior and academic achievement, it was quite the opposite, yet I wanted to be spoken to.

At first I believed I may just be a little selfish but eventually I recognized my need for others acknowledgement goes further. My parents did not go further than grade school and have never told me to do my work. But for some unknown reason my siblings and I have done academically well. We have all had the opportunity to be a part of elite honor classes. My brother hasn't yet, but I consider the GATE program to be sufficient for elementary.

I know I'm veering off topic but I will make my point. It all comes down to my desire of being recognized for being me. I think I am fortunate to have the opportunities I've had given to me, and to understand things maturely. But my fathers lack of seriousness and affection has caused me to stay away from communicating with him. He can never praise me for doing my best, instead he accuses me of lying. My counselor can never call me in and say, "you're doing well, may I help you with anything?"

And the kind of person I am makes it worst. Because I will never ask for what I want. I will always expect it and silently review the many mistakes I wish I could change. I accept that counselors are busy people and that my father is just not an emotional guy. My point is that people who are achieving need attention too.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

CARINA 360°: Procrastinating 24/7

I will be honest here, I've meant to write this blog since June-July of last year (no joke), I figured, “Now is not the time Karina.” Then I was going to write this on January first, you know resolution day. But I procrastinated on the blog on procrastinating.

Oh the irony.

But whatever, I'm a rebel - my resolution starts today Wednesday January 20th.

Not only did I inherit my mother’s hips, but also her amazing skill of doing everything last minute.

A lot of my friends say I'm making up an excuse, calling my 'illness' pure laziness.
And I'll be blunt. Yes, sometimes it is pure laziness. And then it's me procrastinating. Then again I sometimes think I do my best work under pressure. And that's 3 out of 10 times true.

Let's see:

-I waited to the last minute to read my English assignments. (We all know it’s impossible to read 10 pages in 3 minutes!)

-I put off sweeping my bedroom floor. Resulting in a nasty haven for dust and blue hair.

-I was too lazy and hit the snooze button on my alarm six times - late to school.

And many more that I just can’t remember.

Defer, postpone, put off, pause, delay, laziness, taking a rain check! They all mean the same thing. I always feel like I have something better to do! Like watch Oprah or do my nails.
I'm always telling myself I'll get it done ... “eventually!”

People who procrastinate are often associated with: Depression, Internet Addiction, Perfectionism, and workaholism. Hmm, maybe just the last three.

I believe it‘s about time for me to drag my feet onto the footsteps of a rehab clinic.

No I’m just kidding! Got you!

I do however, read these helpful little articles on how to stop procrastinating, to procrastinate later, and tips on how to quit!

I even read cute little quotes to keep me afloat. Such as:

-“You may delay, but time will not.” -Benjamin Franklin
-“Someday is not a day of the week.” -Unknown
-“Procrastination is like masturbation. At first it feels good, but in the end you're only screwing yourself.” -Unknown
-“Procrastination is the thief of time.” -Edward Young.

I'm worried that if I continue on this road to self-destruction my future will be bleak. I can’t let that happen, I must do something about it! Eventually!

I will write again to keep you updated on my mission to do things on time!

Unless I'm to lazy too ...

Sunday, January 10, 2010


As most of you know I have had my surgery. I did not only have one there were some complications which led to me having to have 5 lovely surgeries. The complications were not to serious, but big in their own way.
I had a lot of issues with infections and, well that led to my 5 surgeries. Over that month we watched as the surgeons and doctors walked in monitoring my temperature and adding more and more antibiotics. If my temperature spiked it usually meant that I had to have surgery the next morning or even that night.
Because of these complication chemo had to be postponed. Because of these surgeries I spent over two months, to be exact I was there for 72 days. It was sad because winter was approaching and flu season had arrived. With the flu season here it meant no one under the age 16 or with a slight cough was allowed to enter the hospital.
This made things even more difficult for me. I have a 14, a 10 and a 5 year old, niece and nephews, which I am very close to and they could not visit me in the hospital.
On account of everything that happened I am still not able to walk and I am wheelchair bound. It makes things difficult because I really can't get around like I use to. I can't put any weight on my left leg and need to use a lot of upper body strength. I have to wear a brace so that it keeps all my hardware in place.
My doctor says maybe by February I will be able to walk a little. And we're hoping that if all goes well by March or April I'm back on the move. With this up look I also have my last chemo coming up on January 25 then a scan in February that will hopefully indicate the end to all of it.
There is some humor to all of this. Now I get to lay around and do nothing which usually seemes to be all I wanted to do, it's no fun. Yes, I do not do chores or really do much but to tell you the truth I would rather be going to school every morning and have a 5 page essay due tomorrow. I know WOW when would a kid say that. It just shows that some things are nice every once in a while but after some time it gets to be too much. However, having cancer is definitely too much all the time.