Friday, October 30, 2009

iMissyRae 2.0:"Cirque Du Freak" is not sold out, it's a sell-out.

"Cirque Du Freak" -- definitely not another "Twilight" that's for sure.

Although this book turned Hollywood production has followed the usual routine of other vampire-crazed novels by stepping off the bookshelf and onto the big-screen, I must protest that the plot and book in general deserve much more credit than the movie gives them. Unfortunately, my word means zilch since I have yet to see the movie, but it's on my list so don't hassle me now!

But according to
The New York Times movie review for this film, "Cirque Du Freak" is bound to be placed in comparison with other leave you hanging, fantasy films such as "The Golden Compass" and even "The Chronicles of Narnia" and most of us know that the books are absolutely better than the actual movies.

And as much as I want these books to receive their fifteen minutes of fame, is it worth squeezing three novels of entertainment into ninety minutes of confusion and crap?

I think not ladies and gentlemen. Why must Hollywood always turn a great book series into some mainstream, sell-out, television series? What happened to the actual experience of taking time to read a story page by page? Now we can scroll down a telephone screen to read a novel and flip one finger to continue on to the next page.

Not that technology is bad, but are we seriously to lazy to pick up a book and find out what really happens in the plot of the latest "
Twilight" film? Although I've watched most of the films with great interest, I always refer back to what didn't happen in the film instead of what did, no matter how impressive the special effects are.

I'm just tired of seeing wonderful book series' turn into wannabe, Hollywood remakes. After all, Cirque Du Freak the series is much more complex and entertaining then ten minutes of combatting vampires.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

CARINA 360˚: 'Capitalism: A Love Story,' a must see!

Recently I saw the new movie by my future husband Michael Moore. (Hey don’t judge me, I have a thing for smart guys!)

Dubbed ‘The most feared filmmaker in America.’ Moore has made headlines again with his new movie, 'Capitalism: A Love Story.' And it's about, well, capitalism! In the brilliant documentary, Moore exposes the influence of “corporate dominance” on the lives of the American people.

As we should already know, our economy is corrupt, but in this movie, Moore tells you how and why we became like this. He answers why 14,000 people are losing their jobs everyday. Why the middle class is becoming smaller, and what a derivative is.

The movie was eye-opening, like any other Moore masterpiece. And Congratulations Stockton! We finally made our Moore debut! For a brief second, Stockton is mentioned thanks to all these darn foreclosures! Hey, turn that frown:( upside down :), at least we made it into a movie.

[Want to make a 'contribution to society?' Then play this game on the Moore website! It's so fun.]

I was so excited to go see it, but it was rated R. So I had to think of a genius plan to get my ticket.

I forced my two friends who were old enough to get them for me. (Smart right? I know, only I could think of it!) Not wanting to go alone, I made my friend, who was in no mood to even know what the word capitalism means, to accompany me.

The movie already 10 minutes in when we walked in. I expected a whole mess of people, but it was quite the opposite.

I'm going to guess and tell you there was about 10 people, all over 50 years old! It was total grandma-status!

(And don't say a lot of people didn't go because the movie sucks, a lot of people didn't go because Zombieland was playing at the same time!)

At times I felt like a complete dork, I laughed at all the jokes Michael Moore did, my friend just starred at me like I was a complete loser. I found myself laughing at things only the grandma sitting in front of me would get. I felt like a Golden Girl. (More Sophia, less Rose.)

So if you love truth, and a cute chubby guy with an adorable sense of humor, then I urge you to go see this movie! Moore thinks so to!

By the way, if you work for WalMart, you're in for a big surprise.

Friday, October 23, 2009




Paranormal Activity..At your House..Anywhere Actually 0.o

Okay so I'm guessing that we all know that 3-4 is like the "dead" hour or for religious people the "bewitching" hour of the devil. I know what you must be thinking about, "Pati what the heck is your crazy self thinking about now?" Well actually to be honest I'm not really sure. I was talking to a few of my friends and I also happened to be talking to my boyfriend as well. We were having this crazy conversation one night about the "dead" hour.
It was my best friend Bibyana, my boyfriend Irvin, and this other dude who is friends with Irvin. Okay we are all hanging out just talking about scary stories and Halloween ad what not. All of a a sudden Irvin is like "Do you guys know about the "dead" hour?" We all nodded in reply and said yeah. So he started telling us all this creepy stuff and I like creepy things. Weird right? Wrong. He was telling us that if you drive all the way down eight mile road past Trinity Parkway. they have bonfires there, you will see a little girl sitting in your back seat if you look in your rear view mirror.
In some ways it sort of scared me but at the same time I was like cool I want to know more. Tell me more. Finally we started to talk about the wigi board. For those of you who don't know what that is, It's the devil board basically, you talk to dead people thought the board. Bibyana was like "I played the wigi board before and it scared the crap out of me." I laughed and said "Your a moron." She was telling us that after they were done playing the game she put the board away and started seeing stuff in here house and hearing things. When she tried to get rid of it she couldn't, it just kept coming back. Crazy scary.
I started to tell them about one night when I was asleep and this was when the movie One Missed Call came out. Okay if you've seen the Japanese version of that movie, It's way better and the ringer is scarier. So I had the Japanese ringer on my phone, one day I deleted it. Well around 3:30 maybe is when my phone rang and it was that ring tone. It scared me because I thought I had deleted it. The caller I.D. was restricted and I was really scared. I went through my phone to see if I still had the stupid tone and I didn't. After that night I have had nightmares left and right. I don't even leave my phone on anymore. The scariest experience of my life.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Life Will be Life and I Will be Me :]

I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with all this, I just feel like blogging. Honestly when I blog it helps me to get whatever is on my mind to just suddenly disappear. It's weird how people can think your this perfect person because your always smiling and you never have a frown. Gosh I hate it when people think like that, It's absurd and in some sense a bit wrong.

I kind of keep to myself because I don't really trust people like that, I don't even trust my own family in that matter. There have been people that have hurt me left and right and over and over. Like don't you guys have anything else better to do. Am I just the person that's here so you can hurt me. Well enough of that. To some people I'm just this wonderful girl with no doubts, no problems and apparently not a care in the world.

Well NEWS FLASH I'm not that perfect girl that you apparently think I am. We're all human and we ALL have our own LIFE struggles. Just because I wear a smile doesn't necessarily mean that I have no care and I'm happy. I'm not saying that I'm never happy because I'm actually a very happy girl, but don't think just because I'm always happy doesn't mean I have my own problems in life. We all have our problems in life. Its crazy don't you think?

What I'm saying is don't judge anyone just by how they act. They could always smile but that doesn't mean they're always happy or someone could always look mad but that doesn't mean they're not a great person to get to know :] .

H1N1..Problem solved?

We can all now jump up and cheer, the first ever swine flu(H1NI)vacination was officially launched! But wait, where is it? The answer, 1.3 million people in Scotland were first priority for access to the vaccine. According to BBC news,(LINK HERE) they will start sending out vaccinations everywhere pretty soon.

I for one, am very intrigued. I got my flu shot, and now am waiting to see if there is something I can get for actual swine flu prevention. If there is something that can do such a thing, I'll be first in line. I advise all of you to tag along with me and we'll make a party out of it! It can be prevented, and we can all help by WASHING OUR HANDS. (Yes, I'm talking to the girl who left the bathroom without doing so yesterday.) _kidding._



Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Taggin' up the place

They are not the artists that most people see painting a beautiful picture, instead they are tagging up the city in disguise.
Add the ski mask and the baggy clothes to your attire go out late at night with the spray can attached to your hands with full grip, you too will be a tagger and will get caught.
Those who tag the walls have created a horrible display for a crowd that ultimately boos for them. They have no sympathy for this type of art.
I can appreciate the fact that these anonymous law breakers are bored, but seriously if someone is that bored, my best advice would be to go buy a coloring book.
It is better to mark up a coloring book than mark up the walls of Stockton, better yet, it is better than getting locked up.
However, there is still something that is telling me that there are real artists out there who just do not have a place to show their talents.
Now, I am not talking about gang affiliated art, more like the tagging that shows importance.
Near the fairgrounds, I am sure many have seen, has a responsibility factor. It is of a man holding a baby in his arms, with the words “Be a man, be responsible.” Someone may have done that work of art out of respect for maybe a father, or even out of regret.
And what about the murals in Los Angeles, they show importance to the people, even to the culture. There are so many things that would make Stockton a more colorful place. But instead, we get to admire the beautiful names of local gangs.
I understand that some may be too afraid of letting some “taggers” as they are classified, paint things appropriate on the walls, but what do we have to lose? Nothing, I mean if Marijuana can go to debate about being legalized or not then letting artists paint the walls of Stockton should certainly be fine.
The more that these undefined taggers write their gang names on the walls the more problems the city will have with violence. Rivals cross out other rivals’ gang names and then a gang war has started.
If these taggers put their skills together masterpieces would be made. Instead of Stockton having a bad reputation due to gangs, violence, and crime, Stockton should be known for the marvelous work of art created to make a difference.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Its October and most kids maybe scared of witches and goblins and the monsters. There mainly fears of what can possibly go wrong if you come to meet one face to face. For me there's a different fear.
You may know that I have cancer and well its a fight everyday. I have to try and maintain my weight so it doesn't drop. When one has cancer we cant get sick what so ever. We aren't allowed to go to closed rooms that can hold in germs, like churches or classrooms or movie theaters, for all these outings we have to take precautions.
For these outings we were masks, we carry hand sanitizer, wipes, sometimes hats like if its sunny, it has become a routine. But these are little things that after a while don't bother you or you adjust.
The fear of getting sick or not being healthy can usually be an issue. If we get sick with even the slightest fever we need to call the hospital and go to an emergency room. Now if I got really sick I don't even want to think about it :).
But for me these are still not my big fears. My big fear just recently came to me. I will have to undergo surgery on Friday if I am healthy enough.
Not that having the surgery is bad, it will remove most of the tumor and almost have me cured except for the bit that are in my lungs. But for this I also need a hip replacement.
But just thinking of the word surgery fills my head with doubt and fear. I believe that I fear this more then I did admitting I had cancer. All that runs through my head are all the possibilities of something going wrong or not being able to go back to a normal activity routine. Which I shouldn't worry because the possibilities are all under 5%. But that 5% scares you like if it were a 50% :).
The upside to this is all the stories of people I hear who go through the surgery are fine and go about there normal activities living a normal life.
So even though we all have fears our fears differ because we all have different monsters.

SURROGATES"What a waste"

It's Friday night around 7:30 and I'm ready to be entertained. I see the lines outside the theatre are long, yet the room I'm in is empty. The movie begins and I'm adapting to the course of the scenes, since no explanations were given to what's going on. The movie begins with the murder of an operator which apparently is very unlikely in the Utopian society setting. There are two sides, the humans, and the humans who rely on surrogates. These surrogates were made so that one can look anyway and do anything without the risk of dying. The war starts with the first violent crime in years. The actors including Bruce Willis do not create an obstacle for my taste, but the climax and confusion it causes does upset me. I'm left questioning what's happening. The only four audience members were probably in as much confusion as I. I finally understood why so many of the people outside were not in the room. Maybe they had already heard what a waste of time the movie was, maybe it was just the fact that it had been out more than a week now. The point being that there was little audience. I can understand how in this day and time with this economy no one wants to waste their time asking questions and not gettimg answers. Viewers like to have climax and they like to wonder who the killer is but in this movie I just wanted it to end. And so it was that the ending revealed all. Too much anticipation killed the desire to know. The movie is confusing at times and it's theme of humans being better than robots doesn't make it any better.

Friday, October 16, 2009

RANDOMora: A Toy Story experience

Being young and restless was always my attitude from "Terrible Twos" to Kiddy Kindergarten. Thanks to my rowdy persona I can remember tons of things when I was still in diapers. I admit, my parents had a really hard time raising me; I wasn't allowed to go to the  supermarket let alone Preschool. But when thinking back at childhood mishaps, I see a little bright light taking me back to my first movie theater experience at the old theater that used to be on Hammer Lane where Panda Express and Subway now take hold of.

I remember standing in line over-excited and jumpy next to my tired parents awaiting to see "Toy Story." I was roughly 2 I'm guessing since the movie came out in '95. It was the only time I did not move or say rude comments that little girls shouldn't be saying. I became obsessed with that movie just watching Woody and Buzz Lightyear on their massive journey together. Though not so obsessed by the time I saw "Pocahontas" after coming home from this experience. That's another story another day.

Just two Saturdays ago, my family and I planned to go see the 3D double-feature of "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2." I could not skip this for the world especially having it be my little brother's first movie theater experience. Just to be sure, my parents waited until he was mature enough. Which I think makes complete sense not just because of my hey-days but because who wants to go see a movie when your 8 months? The crying and the so sudden bathroom breaks; it's not a way to spend your weekend.

I can tell he was extra-excited by the way he marveled at the commercials. "I want to see that! Alisya, I want to see that!" He said as he hopped and pointed ant the TV screen. I was becoming excited for him. He was going to see his first movie at the theater, but even better.

When we got there I couldn't help myself from smiling when he walked out of the car and stood in line holding my hand while in the other he held his Woody and Buzz Lightyear dolls, ahem, action figures. His eyes grew wide looking at the entrance doors. What amazed me was he was very quiet and shy looking at the other kids in line around him.

On our way walking in to the long, dark hallway there was a kid behind us. "This is scary, I don't wanna go in," he said. I was afraid he might have influenced my brother to start turning back, but instead he said, "I like this place, it's so big huh Alisya?" My heart glowed, I was happy he finally got to enter something as simple, but exciting as the theater.

We walked in and got our seats towards the middle of the row and column. I made sure I asked for a booster for I didn't plan on him missing anything. He threw on his glasses immediately and sat patiently staring at the wide screen he's unfamiliar to. A woman next to me with her kids, noticed my brother chattering to the "Regal's First Look" the theater was displaying while people just arrived.

"Is that your brother?" She asked. I was so excited I blabbed out it was his first time going to the theaters. She then said, "Oh my, well I hope he can last sitting for 4 hours straight." "Way to go buzz kill," I thought. But what she didn't know was my brother wasn't like most kids, he knew what he was getting himself into.

Throughout the whole time I heard him laughing and and clapping it was too cute to not look at him. Only a few times we had to tell him to keep it down, but really most people around found it cute.

At the end of the day he was sleepier than ever. I carried him to the car and he fell right asleep. As soon as we got home he told everyone about his experience. Unfortunately I wasn't able to listen because I was sleepier than ever as well. Before bed, he managed to pop "Toy Story" in the VCR to watch once more for that extra sugar to your coffee I suppose; He just couldn't get enough.

For this coming up Halloween he's planning to be both Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Batman for some random reason of course. This is thus our Toy Story Experience I won't ever, EVER plan to forget.

You Never Get To Actually Know Someone

My bestfriend was actually my worst enemy. I would have never imagined him hurting me the way he did. Out of nowhere he changed dramatically, and changed more than I would have ever thought. I look at my past , and wished he was the same sweet boy I met in 3rd grade. It's really sad because now he's into drugs, and doesnt care about himself or others. I honestly remember, him saying " I will never do drugs". He even got kicked out of two highschools, and is now in an alternative school.The saddest part of all he is only a sophomore.

I don't even understand my siblings. The only person anyone will ever get to "really" know is themselves, and even that is sometimes difficult to find. I have hurt others because they thought they knew me and I did something no one ever thought i would do.

In the past year I was on and off with this boy. I put him before everything, and I then became less focused. I even lost my desire for school, and started falling down the drain. Wow! It is heartbreaking that I actually igored my best and closest friends for this person. I sneaked out of my house because my parents didn't approve. I didn't care about anyone except myself. I lost everything just to be with a person. I started throwing my life away. I honestly didn't really have friends in the past seven months because i ditched them all. I even ditched myself.

I look back and wonder why i changed for someone else. I am me, and I should have never left my old life. Now I am trying to go back to it, but everytime I walk by the boy, I feel a sense of insecurity, and i feel like that old puppet that i once was. I am very fortunate that all my friends forgave me, and i am ready to get back to that smart girl who would cry if she got anything lower than a B.

In my opinion the only person you can rely on is yourself.

Worst Show Ever...

I was watching some new "iCarly" episode with my little sister, and when it was over, I checked the guide to see what was coming on next. It said that some game show "Brainsurge"was coming on. It was a new show I'd heard about, but hadn't seen.
I watched it with my mom, and we laughed so hard. We thought it was the cutest little kids show. But then, there were 3 brand new episodes of it in a row.
We soon realized that the writers of "Brainsurge" have no b rain of their own. The puzzles were exactly the same, except for instead of memorizing the number on the chili dog, it was now a hamburger.
My mom and I were not impressed. I immediately ran for the remote, and if you happen to see this show on, I advise you to do the same. :) 

Sunday, October 11, 2009

That Religious Guy: New Position

..... Ok this'll just be a short blog hee hee. Guess what? As of yesterday officially I guess, I am now the Press and Publicity Manager for . Look they even have me listed on the site itself! Yowza!

..... For those of you not in the know, I wrote a short little vocational story for the Web site and have kept some contact with their online core team. So I was checking my e-mails on Friday (The Homecoming Parade) and noticed I got an e-mail from the site saying they needed a press and publicity person because the site has been getting popular. Well they had me in mind! But the e-mail was old, being sent a month ago. I wasn't sure if the position was still available, but I still inquired and low and behold, Jeremy becomes the P/P Manager, in charge of popularizing the site by spreading its link or review around the Web.
..... So the moral to this story is to always check your e-mails! Be neat, be clean, even on the Web. Also, go out there and spread your wings. Try new things and by doing so, try to help others out too. Being religious, I think by helping out this particular site, I'm doing a service for the church. It's basically a Web site that says it's ok for teens to talk about having a vocation to the priesthood. The site is run by teens for teens, a trait that as far as I know, is unique to us among vocational sites. We get around 700 hits a day and get visitors from around the world now. The site is hosted in the UK, but its core team hails from the U.S., Canada, and other regions.
..... This is me in my professional voice talking now hahaha: For all those readers or bloggers out there, try to review us on your blog and offer our link anywhere you have a Web presence. That means Myspace profiles *cough* *cough*, Facebooks, and others! :]

- Jeremy Dela Cruz, Press and Publicity Manager

Friday, October 9, 2009

CARINA 360°: Obama, a Nobel man!

Today at around 2 am, it was announced in Norway that our 44th President, has made history once again.

He is now a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Now I was in disbelief. At first I thought why? He has only been in service for what 9-10 months! Does 'strengthening diplomacy' all it takes to win a prize as honorable as this? Only 20 other Americans have won the Nobel Peace Prize. With President's Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Jimmy Carter.

And why did he win? Well the Nobel Committee says, "For his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples."

But to many (and me) it seems as though he hasn't made any extraordinary efforts. So far, no obvious change in the gay community. No obvious change in Afghanistan. And no obvious change for the unemployed. (See the SNL spoof here!)

But then I saw Oprah today and she brought up something I didn't really think of. He had brought the nation together. He has given us hope, the right to believe that change could happen. He's proof of that. We went from the 'War President' to the 'Peace President.'

But still, if you compare him to the other people who have won it. There really is NO comparison! AT ALL!
Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Elie Wiesel, - Barack Obama ... eh doesn't really sound right to me. (See the list here.) After this he should really step up and banish his title as the 'do nothing' President.

Some argue that this could damage his rep a little more. Approval ratings have already dropped for the him.

The prize money is 1.4 million dollars, which he says he'll donate to charity. How Nobel of him.


Monday, October 5, 2009

That Religious Guy: Quetal man uste?

..... Recently, I've developed a taste for everything Chavacano. I want to learn the language and speak it fluently!

..... For those of you who don't know, Chavacano is a Spanish Creole language spoken mainly in places like Zamboanga and Cavite City in the Philippines. To the Filipino ear, Chavacano sounds like Spanish, yet is spoken like the wavy Tagalog language. Here's an example of students speaking it: Click Me! and an example of a beautiful Chavacano song: Click Me too!

..... I love the way Chavacano sounds because it reminds me of the Spanish cultural roots of the Philippines. Even Tagalog, a dialect of Filipinos, consists of many Spanish words, although they are spelled and pronounced much differently. Some even mean different things.

Spanish / Tagalog / English

cuarto = kuwarto = room

cocina = kusina = kitchen

baño = banyo = bathroom

silla = silya = chair

la mesa = lamesa = table

..... I recommend the Mexicans should look at the common phrases in Chavacano too shown here. So I guess I need to find some Chavacano teachers haha. Know some? Oh, and true to my blogger name, here's the Lord's prayer in Chavacano:

Nuestro Tata talli na cielo,

bendito el de Usted nombre.

Manda vené con el de Usted reíno;

Hace el de Usted voluntad aqui na tierra,

igual como alli na cielo.
Dale con nosotros el pan para cada dia.

Perdona el de nuestro mana culpa,

como nosotros ta perdona con aquellosquien tiene culpa con nosotros.

No deja que nosotros hay caé na tentacionsino libra con nosotros de mal.

- Jeremy Dela Cruz, Chavacano Speakers Wanted

That Religious Guy: Lodi Keeps Public Prayers!!

..... Separation of Church and State is needed in society. Surprisingly, I believe in this statement too. But unlike some, I believe in it because I don't see this concept as a protection of the State from the Church, but protecting the Church from the State. Religion isn't always the enemy in the equation. This is to say that faith is sometimes the victim of secular institutions or worst yet, radical atheists.

..... The State shouldn't interfere in matters of religion and the Church shouldn't interfere in secular subjects. In Lodi, a battle ensued over the issue of opening prayers in City Council Meetings. Proponents of the practice declared that it was the right of Christians and indeed any persons of faith to pray. Others, however, believed that praying before these City Council Meetings was a breach of the separation of Church and State. So one side believes prayer is a right and the other side believes it's against the division of two great insitutions.

..... Well, under the logic that praying before public meetings is unconstitutional, then restricting this custom is also unconstitutional since the First Amendment guarantees that every citizen has a right to practice their religion privately and publicly. A solution to this problem would be to stop electing people of faith into public office. That would be impossible.

..... Devout Christians, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, and others can't help the fact that they believe their faith can help them in troubling time such as these. With rising unemployment rates, a budget crisis, and foreclosures, California and indeed the rest of the country could use some divine intervention right now!

..... I applaud the fact that Lodi chose to keep public prayers in their meetings. It was a reasonable reaction. What I don't understand is why atheists from Wisconsin were trying to interefere in Californian affairs. That's right. People from the Freedom From Religion Foundation in Wisconsin were trying to butt heads with citizens in Lodi over their right to pray. I've seen how radical atheists resort to insults to cause injuries. On the West Coast Walk For Life this year, atheists we're just parading around our Pro-Life procession, spreading insults, only because they hate religion, which was evident from their signs. These Wisconsin atheists don't really care about principles. They just hate religion in general. Prove to me otherwise and earn yourself an "I told you so" moment.

..... So Lodi, congrats on your battle for the right to prayer!

- Jeremy Dela Cruz

That Religious Guy: Offline For Good!!

..... As of a few days ago, I, Jeremy Dela Cruz, am Myspace free.
..... Yes, I've been a recovering addict for months now, only logging in a few times, checking my messages, and updating my profile occasionally. My final step into full recovery took place after I forgot my password! haha
..... Sure, that's just a rookie mistake. After all, who forgets their password? Well I'll tell you who. Jeremy Dela Cruz that's for sure. I didn't mean to misplace my password, it just slipped my mind. In any case, these past few days without Myspace have been awesome.
...... Maybe it's just the withdrawal effects talking, but I'm pretty happy that I don't have to constantly check my status for comments or post bulletins about my top 5. I really thought that I'd feel terrible without the use of my Myspace, but instead, I have that indifference you get when somebody steals your Pokemon cards. Sure they're gone, but you don't care because you never play with them and you grew up. Maybe it's that. Maybe I just grew up and don't feel a need to tell the world about my favorite books or categorizing my list of friends who I may or may not have regular contact with anyways.
..... Could it be that I'm becoming more mature? After I told some friends that I lost my password, they were like, "Oh, so now you're getting a Facebook or a Twitter right?" And I promptly responded, "Of course not!" Why would I trade in one addiction for another? Why would I trade in my free time for a Saturday of chatting with friends online instead of actually hanging out with them like I do now?
..... In the end, I realize that these Web sites are just temporary. We won't always want to go to them for support and fun. That's what we have living, breathing friends for. They're really the ones you should go to for troubles, for entertainment, and for social interaction. Forget Myspace. Forget Facebook. And please, for the love of God, forget Twitter! But of course, these sites aren't really doing much harm. So don't get a full-blown lobotomy. Just lay of the social networking Sites for a while and see what it's like. You might like it.

- Jeremy Dela Cruz, That Myspace-free Guy

Sunday, October 4, 2009

CARINA 360°: The hard life of a Four Eyes

They make you look smarter.

They make you look sexier.

They make you look like a smart sexy librarian!Forget all the things they tell you! It’s all lies (except the smart part.) Having to wear glasses all the time is a hassle!

Watching the TV is never the same. I can’t lay down because my glasses hurt my head. They slide down my nose! I am constantly having to push them up - making me look more like a nerd. Wearing headbands is difficult. Wearing mascara? Forget about it. My lashes are too long and they dirty the lenses. Every time I take pictures, I always take my glasses off. No one but my mom or bf thinks they look cute.

Today my brother and I had a pillow fight, while I was wearing my glasses. NOT GOOD. They smashed against my nose, causing a butt load of pain.

Don't get me wrong, I am thankful. Without them I wouldn't be able to see the board in class. And I admit, sometimes I like wearing them. Especially when I have little to no makeup on. I put those on and they camouflage the true hideous nature of my face.

Since the 6th grade I have gone through four pairs of glasses. They were either lost or stolen. And seeing as I don’t settle for ugly nerdy-looking glasses, I made my dad fork up the cash. And so far, I have lost my dad well over $600. (Sorry dad.)

I don’t know why girls and guys walk about with those none-prescription shades on. Why do they do that? I bet they have no clue the hardcore life of a four-eyes.

And don’t get me started on the amount of time I spend cleaning them. Every little thing gets them dirty.

I remember my first pair as if it were yesterday. I was at LensCrafters & I was in no mood to pick a new set of eyes. I already knew the teasing I would get at school the next day. I tried to be all cool and designer and got some granny looking Anne Klein's.
And the next day was hell.

The class bully who seemed to only pick on me, kept the comments coming.

“Are you wearing glasses? You look ugly!”

“You look like a grandma.”


Now to you, they may not seem very mean, but to a 10 year old, those word attack your soul. Throughout the whole school day I tried not to cry.
Eventually I lost those glasses when my family and I went to Mexico. So right now, my first pair of eyes are probably six feet under at some playground in Zacatecas.

Today I rock some cheap Oscar De la Renta’s. My vision has gotten worse, so says my eye doctor. Maybe in the future I’ll consider getting laser eye surgery, to finally rid me of my curse.

Or maybe I'll accept my fate, and see the world through plastic.