Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What doesn't kill you makes you stonger !

Have you ever had someone want you to fail?
Have you ever had someone do everything they could to make you give up ?
If you have ever seen the movie miracle on ice, you probably remember the scene where the coach continues to send his players down the ice doing sprint and sprint. Well that's basically what my practice looked tonight haha. Yesterday we lost our game 5-0. And honestly I played like crap as did many of my teammates. And as punishment my coach felt the need to make us run 100 yards ladders stopping at every 5 yards, a North Carolina, and many other drills. And one of his motivates of to see if anyone would quite. And honestly I was thinking about. That's something that I have only ever wants thought about in my whole time playing soccer. But I didn't. I did not want to give him the satisfaction of knowing that he beat me. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and push through the pain. Not everyone in the world is going to be rooting for you. In fact many people will be rooting against you, hoping at any given moment that you will make a mistake. This reminded me of Kelly Clarkson's most recent song "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger", and I think the song explains it perfectly. Never let anyone stand in your way of getting to what you want, not even yourself. The people that take each negative comment and turn it into something fuels them to be better are the people that are going to succeed in life. And I want to be someone that everyone looks up to and someone who stands out among the crowd.

Top Ten Most Annoying Facebook Statuses

After logging into Facebook and looking at my News Feed for a couple minutes, I decided to compile a list of the worst statuses, in my opinion, that people post.

1. Complaints:
"OMG, my feet are killing me! I had to walk ALL the way home! I swear, two blocks is A LOT!"
"So much homework :/ I think my hand is going to fall off. It's already cramping and I'm not even half way done!"

2. Forever Alone:
"While everyone else is finding love, you know, I'll be at home snuggling with my cat."
"I guess I'll never get a girlfriend."
"I hate seeing couples around school, it just reminds me that I'll never have a boyfriend.."

3. I <3 my bf/gf:
"My boyfriend is the sweetest! He bought me my favorite candy and soda and picked me up this morning! <3"
"Had the best day with my girlfriend today! She's amazing!"
"OMG he is the bestest boyfriend in the whole wide world! I swear I love him to death. <3 And it's only been a whole two days!!"

4. YOLO!:
"I didn't do my homework. Oh well~ you only live once! #YOLO"
"Young wild and free! YOLO!"
"I might as well rob a bank... I mean, YOLO."
"My mom told me to clean my room. I told her 'YOLO!'

5. HMU!:
"Single life guys! Hit me up on my cell! #hmu."
"So bored, hmu."

6. Text me:
"Got a new number: (209) 555-5555. Text me."
"On the bus. Someone text me."
"Please text me, I need someone new to talk to. c:"

7. LMS:
"Like my status if you think I'm cute."
"Lms if you like music."
"Like my status if you like my status."
"LMS if you like Pepsi, CMS if you like Coke!"

8. Twitterbook:
"Time to shower."
"Going to bed."
"Dinner with the family."
"Soccer practice."

9. Facebook haters:
"Facebook is going to end up like myspace."
"I hate Facebook. Like, what's up with timeline??"

10. iiDon't 3v3n no3 wHuT thii$ i$:
"Liiviin d@ siinql3 liif3 && iiDont k@rre!!"
"yHu gUyzz ShuLd tAAlK to mE iM geTTinqq bOrred."

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The End?

Disaster films have always been less than perfect films. Mainly focusing on a group of determined people trying to evade destruction themselves. Whether it be volcanoes, tsunamis, or the end of civilization itself, these movies never fail to keep us engaged and wishing we weren't in their shoes. These are the top 10 best.

10.) "Earthquake" (1974)- Gimmicky movie about the destruction of Los Angeles when a giant Earthquake hits. Charlton Heston is alright. Not much else is.

9.) "Outbreak" (1995)- This one is like the recent pandemic flick Contagion. Except instead of bat droppings causing the disease, its an infected monkey. This movie came out at the height of America's interest in the Ebola virus. Now, its a little outdated.

8.) "Twister" (1996)- Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton star in perhaps the most memorable Tornado centered movie ever made. The plot and dialouge are subpar, but at least there a flying cow in the movie.

7.) "Independence Day" (1996)- A huge hit when it came out, Roland Emmerich's first destruction of the world movie does have some cheesy dialouge and unbelievable plot points. But the effects are good and its a genuinley okay film.

6.) "2012" (2009)- As with "Independence Day," this has the same cheesy dialouge and unbelievableness of an everyday Roland Emmerich film. The effects however are probably the best in any disaster movie, and it probaly is the best in terms of complete destruction.

5.) "The Poseidon Adventure" (1972)- A star cast including Gene Hackman and Ernest Borgnine make this movie memorable. Some may call it a knockoff of the Titanic story, but I think it still has some merit in terms of performances to take a look at.

4.) "The Day After Tommorow" (2004)- Probably the best of Roland Emmerich's disaster movies, since it actually somewhat deals with a real life issue, that being global warming. Some may say that it exxagerates the effects of it in a short amount of time. But hey, its a movie, not a Discovery Channel special.

3.) "War of the Worlds" (2005)- This film, in my opinion, is actually better that the since outdated 1953 original. The Tripods and aliens look great and its one of the better recent performnaces of Tom Cruise.

2.) "The Towering Inferno" (1974)- This movie did what "Posiedon Adventure" and "Earthquake" couldn't. Put big anme stars in a disater movie and manage craete the best of the 70's disater films. Paul Newman and Steve McQueen headline the cast in pretty good story of a fire striking a San Francisco skyscraper

1.) "Deep Impact" (1998)- This is the more realistic asteroid movie that came out that year, (the other one being "Armageddon," another dissapointmant from Micheal Bay). Having a wide range of actors and a more emotionally invested storyline to keep the tension building, its not like other movies that have disaster and panic right off the bat and no character develpoment. The payoff of one of the asteroid striking doesn't jip the audiences either. It still has impressive effects of Manhattan being engulfed by a tidal wave. In the end, its good at everything. Not the best movie, but certainly the best disaster movie.