Tuesday, June 8, 2010

RANDOMora: Gaga you amaze me

I cannot go a minute after watching Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" and click to a new tab without feeling sheer effect come over me.

It casts religion, sex of course, and crazed enough, total shock value your grandma would weep to with every scene flashing through the screen.

Gaga, you won.

The video's essence is raw, dark, and incredibly not suited for any age. It has a bit of a Madonna essence within it as Gaga is dancing in hollow light with an all over black outfit which can't still cover much of what she exposes. The whole "Like a Virgin" scene comes into mid-action when Gaga is being tossed around over rickety (mind you disgusting) beds by men of which eventually her clothing is consumed of and she is buried beneath them.

Gaga doesn't seem to worry about the amount of sex she portrays to her audience, instead that is something she's more than aware of to succeed in displaying in her video unlike past ones.

What is really shocking are the scenes that contain religious aspects but more the dark and gloomy shadows of her soul within it. This isn't to me as an artistic aspect, but just plain thrilling in a Gaga sort of way; thus weird.

"Alejandro" is such an upbeat dance song but by watching this video you would see the actual monster theme she was thriving for.

It's scary enough for the weak souls I suppose, but I don't think anyone can get up from seeing "Alejandro" and say it's not good. But to say I love it, well it would probably take a lot of energy and time to actually take in what I witnessed today. Thanks to "ALejandro," the video "Telephone" has barely become tolerable.


  1. Hmm... I don't quite care for this video of hers. I actually watched it this morning and couldn't even understand it! It's like she just wants to add random stuff to confuse people.

  2. Yeah, this video was not my favorite. It's just weird.

  3. haha, this video was LAME! I'm not a fan of the latex nun swallowing a rosary then getting dry humped by a bunch of Mandark-looking men. She's just trying wayyyy to hard.

    However, I do like the part when she humps the crap out of the guys on the bed ... that was amusing XD