Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Top Ten Most Annoying Facebook Statuses

After logging into Facebook and looking at my News Feed for a couple minutes, I decided to compile a list of the worst statuses, in my opinion, that people post.

1. Complaints:
"OMG, my feet are killing me! I had to walk ALL the way home! I swear, two blocks is A LOT!"
"So much homework :/ I think my hand is going to fall off. It's already cramping and I'm not even half way done!"

2. Forever Alone:
"While everyone else is finding love, you know, I'll be at home snuggling with my cat."
"I guess I'll never get a girlfriend."
"I hate seeing couples around school, it just reminds me that I'll never have a boyfriend.."

3. I <3 my bf/gf:
"My boyfriend is the sweetest! He bought me my favorite candy and soda and picked me up this morning! <3"
"Had the best day with my girlfriend today! She's amazing!"
"OMG he is the bestest boyfriend in the whole wide world! I swear I love him to death. <3 And it's only been a whole two days!!"

4. YOLO!:
"I didn't do my homework. Oh well~ you only live once! #YOLO"
"Young wild and free! YOLO!"
"I might as well rob a bank... I mean, YOLO."
"My mom told me to clean my room. I told her 'YOLO!'

5. HMU!:
"Single life guys! Hit me up on my cell! #hmu."
"So bored, hmu."

6. Text me:
"Got a new number: (209) 555-5555. Text me."
"On the bus. Someone text me."
"Please text me, I need someone new to talk to. c:"

7. LMS:
"Like my status if you think I'm cute."
"Lms if you like music."
"Like my status if you like my status."
"LMS if you like Pepsi, CMS if you like Coke!"

8. Twitterbook:
"Time to shower."
"Going to bed."
"Dinner with the family."
"Soccer practice."

9. Facebook haters:
"Facebook is going to end up like myspace."
"I hate Facebook. Like, what's up with timeline??"

10. iiDon't 3v3n no3 wHuT thii$ i$:
"Liiviin d@ siinql3 liif3 && iiDont k@rre!!"
"yHu gUyzz ShuLd tAAlK to mE iM geTTinqq bOrred."

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