Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thumbs-Up Michy!: The 'A Skylit Drive' and 'Dance Gavin Dance' escapade!

Thursday, June 11th was probably the best day ever. I got to meet one of my favorite bands, A Skylit Drive at Hot Topic and then see Dance Gavin Dance play at the Empire Theatre afterwards. And of course my partner in crime, Alisya, was with me the whole day!

First off was meeting Skylit at 5. My mom wanted to leave early so she could shop at Old Navy, so we left at around 3:30. We picked up Alisya at around 3:40; my mom took us to Starbucks because she knew we were early. She bought Alisya and I carmel frappuccinos, mmm.

When we arrived at Weberstown mall my mom let us wait in line at Hot Topic as she went to look around at Old Navy. I was glad that we came about an hour early, because the line was already long, and it was only about 4. When my mom tried to find us to give me some extra money, she found it humorous at how my peers in line all looked alike with our A Skylit Drive t-shirts and skinny jeans.

As Alisya and I stood in line we talked about how we would respond to seeing A Skylit Drive for the first time. "JAG, I LOVE YOU!" was one of the first reactions that I could think of. Luckily we decided that going all hectic and fan crazy was a bad idea. Alisya thought of the idea that we were going to take short videos of this awesome day, so we took two videos before we met them. After 30 minutes of waiting, we finally got to see them.

As soon as they told us that we could go to the table and meet them, I was in shock. With a quick gaze at all of the band members, I realized that they were all so beautiful. The first person I saw was Michael Jagmin, also known as Jag, and I was completely speechless. I guess I admired and was itimidated by him at the same time. I felt awkward standing there and letting him sign the CD, for I was just at a loss for words. While Alisya, next to me, couldn't stop talking as she was overly-excited. They gave us these Skylit posters for the band to sign with their pictures on it, and they drew mustcaches and boobs along with their signatures on each others faces. Also, Alisya still had the Starbucks cup from before, and she offered to let them sign it for our friend, Skyler. She told them about how we joke around and call him "The Skyler Drive" and so they signed "To Skyler," and "Skyler Drive" on the cup. The band was just really funny and they were the best, completely awesome. Once you meet them, you can never forget it.

So after the signing, we needed a ride to take us to the Dance Gavin Dance show downtown at the Empire Theatre. It was about 5:50, and the show started at 6:30. Perfect timing, right? Well, we called our friend Skyler and gladly said he would take us, as he was going to be there as well. We were overjoyed. As were going to wait outside of Dillards for Skyler, we took another video of the aftermath of meeting the band. Unfortuneatly, waiting for Skyler seemed like an eternity. We waited for him for about 30 minutes and were losing hope every minute. I called him multiple times but he never picked up. We were getting scared, and didn't know what to do but to just wait even longer. Finally, he called at around 6:40, but when the show started at 6:30. The first thing he says is, "hey guys I'm leaving my house now, I'm putting on deodorant."

Alisya and I were just shocked. I said "you know the show started already, right?" And Skyler just goes, "oh, did it?" It was a relief to know that he answered and would be picking us up, but we were angry that he didn't answer my 500 missed calls or texts. As Skyler came to pick us up, Alisya handed him the Starbucks cup with "Skyler Drive" written over it, and he laughed. We then drove off to the show where Dance Gavin Dance would be performing at.

Now, I've never been to the Empire Theatre, so it was my first time. I wanted to go when my favorite band Alesana came to town, as you recall from my first blog, but I wasn't allowed to go. That's why I made sure my parents had no idea that I was going, and I had no intention of telling them, ever. They thought that I was at Alisya's house, watching DVDs and such.

So anyway, I'm at Empire, and the uh, how do I put this? The "scene kids" sitting outside scared me. Some of them were just smoking and fixing their lovely multi-colored hair. I don't know why but they scared me, it sort of felt like I didn't belong. But as I went in to where the stage was, I felt more comfortable.

I saw Jeremy and his friend Thalia, they were already propped up right in the front of the stage, watching a band set up. So Jeremy joined Alisya and I, and Skyler went off somewhere. The bands that played before Dance Gavin Dance were mediocore. It was pretty boring because I just wanted to see the band that I came here for. After what seemed like forever, The Audition came on. They were pretty good, but I didn't like them and didn't know the words to any of their songs. So after they were done, we watched Dance Gavin Dance set up. Funn.

Finally, they played songs off of their new album, Happiness. I immediately felt stupid because I should've gotten their new album so I could sing along with everyone else. But I didn't, so I didn't now the words to any of the songs and just stood there shaking my head to the beat of the music. Dance Gavin Dance put on a great show, however, with leadsinger Kurt dancing like he was drunk. His stage moves were insane and unforgettable. It loved how he jumped in the crowd and everyone was going crazy. It was incredible.

After the show, we took another short video and called it a night. Later however, I found out that Skyler threw away his lovely autographed Starbucks cup, which made us very angry. Despite that, even though I know it won't ever make up for me not seeing Alesana, the whole day was completely amazing. Thank you Alisya. :)


  1. HA, even though I don't even listen to both of them, it sounds superrr fun! This should sorta make up missing A-lee-sanya. You got to meet a band AND see one play! Darn Skyler for throwing that away. Shame shame shame:P

  2. I know Karina, it should. But it.. still doesn't fulfill that void for missing Alesana. They're my favorite band.

  3. :( I'm sure you'll have more chances to see them:)