Friday, October 28, 2011

Where's the Halloween spirit?

Remember running through the streets on Halloween night when you were a kid? The excitement as October began and you started to consider what you were going to dress up as at the end of the month. The rush you got as you rang the doorbell and uttered some of the sweetest words in the world:
"Trick or Treat."

What ever happened to this memory? Is it packed away in the box with all of your costumes and fake blood? It seems as if we've outgrown what was one of our favorite holidays.

As the years go by, less houses decorate, less people dress up, and less parents taking their children out for their first trick or treating. More and more houses are refusing to answer their doors every year. But Why?

With so many children and adults getting out of the Halloween spirit, it's going to take all of us that still eagerly await this event to keep it alive. Those of us that don't just plan parties and social events to boost our social status and popularity must work to keep the real fun of this holiday.

For me, the fun of Halloween is not just getting the candy, or the parties, or even the traditional jack-o-lantern. The fun on Halloween is dressing up as something you aren't, and could possibly never be.

And you have to admit, even as a teenager or adult it's fun to be someone or something that you've never been before. But fewer and fewer people are taking part in this activity anymore. And as the tradition begins to die, so does the memory. As well as the hope of it ever making a comeback.

So everyone that still holds their childhood Halloween memories near and dear, and still continues to relive them with a stick of eyeliner and white face paint should keep this memory alive. Don't let this holiday collect dust on a shelf. Don't let Halloween die.

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