Sunday, October 30, 2011

Survival Guide to High School

  • Always check your shoes for toilet paper before you leave the bathroom

  • Keep a planner to help keep track of you schedule

  • Watch out for mud, especially when your wearing flip flops -_-

  • Keep Advil and water in your bag at all times for the headaches you get after long lectures

  • Don't text and walk at the same time

  • Don't try and be cool, just be you(= !

  • Be early on the first day of school. No one likes walking in and having everyone staring at you

  • Keep food in your bag

  • Befriend your locker buddy, so you have someone to run the mile with

  • Don't get sucked into the "Freshman Drama"

  • Take the honors classes. Its the best way to meet people who share the same goals as you and will help you through the hard times

  • Don't be shy !

  • Be nice to the upper classmates, but not over nice. (Don't suck up or be a push over)

  • Get involved in a sport or join a club. Its the easiest way to meet new people

  • ALWAYS and I mean Always keep a back up file for anything you type up for a class

  • Don't take freshmen year as a joke. Keep your grades up

  • Bring gum, nobody likes walking around after lunch with bad breath

And most of all remember down the road, you're going to remember the time you acted silly with your friends at the football game not the time you sat at home alone on Friday night and did nothing. So don't worry about looking dumb, act silly have fun. Leave high school with no regrets(=

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