Monday, December 5, 2011

The Lost Tracks: Disturbed is back with peviously hard to find material

With 5 studio albums under their belt, hard rock group Disturbed has become one of the most successful groups of the past 10 years. And this past month, they released their first B-sides and rarities album, complete with material that was on B-sides of the previous five albums, and harder to access than their other songs entitled "The Lost Children".

The album is also their longest to date having 16 tracks instead of the usual 12. It also has little cohesivness with all of the songs sounding from a different era of Disturbed's history.

One might find the songs compilation uneven, but that's one of the things that make this album work. The lack of cohesiveness makes this album all the more enjoyable. The songs are themselves sometimes better than the songs released prominently on Disturbed's previous albums.

Keeping with the bands tradition of doing covers of other songs, the compilation offers two. "Midlife Crisis," a cover from Faith No More, and "Living After Midnight" a cover from Judas Priest. And also keeping with Disturbed's tradition, they do these covers superbly, giving them their own unique spin. It works so good, that one would think that the songs could have been originally theirs if not for the familiar lyrics and sound.

While "The Lost Children" may not get the big advertising as a new Disturbed studio release, for me, it's just as good as one. This is a must own for fans of Disturbed, and for people who like hard rock in general.

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