Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mikeala AxToGrind: Audio Addiction

Hello, everyone!

Allow me to offer assistance in the conquering of the after holiday let-down. With music, no less. In all honesty, this is simply a clever ruse in which I have an excuse to talk about music (under the cover of post-Christmas decompression advice.)

I'm sure you've all encountered that kind of song before. That insanely catchy beat, thoroughly addicting riffs, and ear enrapturing lyrics. Well, while you sit amid the mountains of wrapping paper and leftovers, left in whiplash by the swift departure of Christmas, here are some definite pick-you-up-and-get-you-moving tracks. You know, the aforementioned "insanely catchy" ones:

"She's Got Me Dancing" by Tommy Sparks*:

Straight out of the i-Phone commercial, comes with a guarantee to get you dancing. Or at least leave you with the intense desire to, restrained for fear of looking like a fool. (My advice: dance anyway. Anyone who makes fun of you is clearly just jealous of your moves.)

"Ulysses" by Franz Ferdinand:

From an album chock full of addictive dance beats, this track reigns as one of the elite. Just trust me. After all, when has a song named Ulysses ever let you down before?

"Let's Dance To Joy Division" by The Wombats:

Drenched in a tongue-in-cheek irony that makes for one heck of a great song. Upbeat and most definitely catchy. Give it a chance, I swear it's digital happiness.

"All Is Love" by Karen O and the Kids :

So, so sweet! From "Where the Wild Things Are" soundtrack. Excellent movie, impeccable song. Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs gets almost unbearably sweet, and sounds great doing it. Simple, happy, and an all around feel-good song.

If these songs don't get you moving, then you might want to give your legs a good poke, 'cause you just might be paralyzed.



*Strange video, I'll concede.


  1. AHHH, no wonder your my mentee, we have the same fantastic taste in musica!! Karen O is my idol<333

  2. :D I adore Karen O. and the boys. "Cheated Hearts" video where Nick Zinner takes off his shirt? Best. Moment. Ever.