Monday, December 14, 2009

Technology and Teens

Okay so we live in a very complex world with a ton of technology. In society we have those adults that choose to work and those that don't choose to work. Then there are children from ages 6-11 that are somewhat familiar with technology and then there are teenagers. Yes I am on of those so called "trouble makers" that someones grandparent calls them.

Technology is important to everyone in the world. Obviously right? In my eyes there are two groups of teens: there is your technology freak-a-zoids and then there are those who really don't give much of a flying hoot. I am in the group that just doesn't give a hoot. The technology freak-a-zoids can't even live without their phones! I mean come on, are you for real?! It reminds me of my sister, she is in the group that I call the "technology freak-a-zoids" Well her and a few other that I know.

Teens these days are getting way out of whack with their phones, the Internet, and video game systems; practically all of technology. Our age group takes advantage of the technology given to us. Like the cell phone for example, girls or guys take advantage of the "use" of the phone. Some will send nude photos or antagonizing text messages, this is known as "digital abuse." When I was at the mall Saturday with my friend. There was this little girl no older than 11 maybe and she was yakking on her phone and cussing up a storm like it was the thing to do and get this she was doing it in front of her mother in a public place. Now that's embarrassing to her mother. If that was my child "ooohhh" she would of gotten slapped and no phone.

I'm not saying that I am just the perfect person and I don't cuss, because I do. But there is a certain extent especially if you're in public. "You make yourself look like a fool!" My bestest Anayeli said. Nobody is perfect, but I mean come on you should have more common sense. The Internet is a whole different story that we won't even get into at this point.

Overall technology is evil just like money is the root to all evil. Our society was alright without technology. Then again there is your good technology like new medical technology and then there is your evil technology such as cell phones, the computer, etc.. That's pretty much all I have to say for now. Adios mis amigos!


  1. By and large technology is neutral although McLuhan rightly suggests that the mode of communication will modulate the message. Take the internet for example - it is no more than a series of wires and switches which of themselves carry no morality. The content is where ethics and morality kick in. A website that informs us that there is a famine in Africa is good - it educates and maybe we become more aware of the sufferings of those we don't see (and make a financial contribution) - that is good.
    However, a website that makes money by promoting pornography and devalues the sanctity of marriage or exploits women is bad. People make technology what it is!