Friday, December 25, 2009

Mikeala AxToGrind:Scrooge (Merry Christmas, Everyone!)

First of all;

Bah Humbug.

Sorry, just needed to get that out of the way.

In the case you haven't picked up on it already, let me spell it out: I really don't like holidays. It's not as though I leave out rat poison for the Easter bunny or wait with a BB gun for old St. Breaking-And-Entering to come struggling down the chimney...I'm not an incredibly active holiday-hater. I actually do quite enjoy the concept of holidays, the picturesque setting of family togetherness and selflessness and gift-giving, all of that tinsel infused goodness. But when I actually get down to the holiday get together, it thoroughly contradicts any idealistic notion I might have conceived beforehand. In order to evade disappointment, I try not to expect very much.

And even then I somehow am let down, nearly every year. It's far from the materialistic disappointment of not getting the Christmas presents I want, that's the least of my concerns. It's nearly everything else. I try not to be too cynical or self-pitying (and if I'm failing at this, please feel free to let me know), but it seems to me that Christmas has simply lost whatever magic it once held for me.

At best, it turns out to be a few family arguments and a few hours of sitting with a painted smile. At worst, full blown chaos and sitting in a room of people attacking your morals and beliefs.

I really do wish that I could believe in that greeting card harmonious family at the fireside backdrop, but I haven't seen anything along the lines of that in my family, or in anyone close to me. I'm sure happy holidays exist, I just can't work out where. And the step beyond that, how to get there.

Or, it could very well just be my pessimism rearing it's Santa hat adorned head. (It has many seasonally appropriate outfits.)

I'm terribly sorry of this comes off as overly-cynical and standard issue "emo kid" perspective. I truly do try to avoid that. I didn't run this past an optimist before posting, which perhaps should be part of the due process?

Anyway, I really would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Eat, drink and be merry.




  1. Gosh, Mikeala! I love your style of blogging. So sarcastic, yet so funny! Maybe you should try to go to church on Christmas, recapture what this "holy day" turned holiday is really about. Preferably a Catholic one of course :]

    - That Religious Guy

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  3. haha, this may sound odd, but take Jeremy's advice! lol

  4. I agree! The holidays don't seem to hold as much "magic" as they did when you were a little kid. It seems as if there's more stress than cheer. Maybe it's just that were old enough to recognize the stress and fakeness, but we can always keep hoping for that "christmas card" kind of holiday!