Monday, March 8, 2010

Clearly Claire: Your "Top 5"

I have always been a fan of the show "The Rotten Tomatoes Show" on CurrentTv. I love watching regular people give their opinions about different movies, the crazy twosome that talk over each other and yell about what they love and scream about what they hate. But even on the dullest episode, the show was always saved with a hilarious "Top 5" list. This list could be anything from "Best Car Chase" to "Best Harrison Ford Lines". Each one is carzier than the next, so when the Entertainment Editor Michelle Pheav couldn't come up with a dominant story, I suggested our own "Top 5" lists.

I like to think I know everything about movies and that I have seen everyone, but I do not know everything and I have not seen it all. But I do think that I picked pretty good topics and pretty good movies for the lists. The five "top 5" topics I used were "Best I Love You's", "Best Movie Soundtracks", "Sequels That Didn't Need to be Made", "Movies That Will Make Anyone Cry" and "Superhero Movies That Should Have Been Good, But Weren't" (to look at the lists, go here).

I stand by my picks, but like I said, I have not seen it all. If you think you have better movies for the lists, or you think I should have done another topic than the ones picked, comment this blog wth your movie or topic.

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