Monday, March 8, 2010

RANDOMora: Gendercide?

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Killed, aborted or neglected, at least 100m girls have disappeared—and the number is rising

When I read this story, a question came about: How can the world's society change what appears to be natural customs to humane and what we can identify as modern?

Before any hubbub comes about, I am pro-choice when it comes to a woman's body and the situations she may encounter to have to choose abortion.

However, that being stated, abortion isn't the "Get out of Jail" card nor an action to erase a mistake while gambling with genders.

In India and China's circumstance, the last statement refers here.

Someone can easily read this article and while getting up to refill their soy latte be in complete disgust.

I know I did (Instead, my diet Pepsi.)

However, these are countries that have been accustomed to this way of living, and saying, "Isn't it about time that they awake and take the step to today's normalcy?" isn't that simple.

As the reporter says:

"China should scrap the one-child policy ... They should encourage female education; abolish laws and customs that prevent daughters inheriting property; make examples of hospitals and clinics with impossible sex ratios; get women engaged in public life—using everything from television newsreaders to women traffic police."

Who doesn't agree? These things should happen, but what is the solution to stopping a cultural custom?

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