Friday, March 19, 2010

Scared for my life

Having cancer is not one of the scariest diseases. It is once it is classified and one knows where it has spread to that it becomes scarier.
My cancer is a rare kind of sarcoma that originated in my thigh and has spread to my lungs. This kind of sarcoma usually goes to the liver as well, which makes it very dangerous because once the liver is damaged it can not help process the chemotherapy.
After completing the chemotherapy I was told I would need lung surgery, to remove the tumors still in my lungs, which surged a panic through me. I did not know what to expect. We were told we would get a call from a specialized surgeon in a couple of days but they said it would be hard to find one that would be willing and able to do it.
We began to look around to find answers. We went from doctor appointment to doctor appointment hearing that a lung surgery to remove the tumors would be a difficult task and maybe not fully successful.
What we did not know was that there was already a specialist ready for me with a surgery date and a plan of action and was just waiting for me.
We went to go see the surgeon and he has no doubt in his mind that he can do the surgery. He explained to us the lungs have five lobes. The right one has three and the left one has two. A person can live a normal life with four lobes and live a semi normal with three. Anything less would be very risky and hardly possible.
It is said that it is not a very difficult surgery. They have operated on people with up to 20 lumps in the lungs. If one has more then that it is not very likely that they can get them all out.
We were so excited to hear that they have a surgery date calendared and that they are so confident about the surgery. With high spirits we headed home to tell everyone the great news and have a nice lunch.
On our way home something unexpected happened. We were in a car crash. No one was hurt and later, much later we found a way to laugh about it. The joke is maybe God had wanted the car crash to happen to help send all of my lumps in the top sections of my lungs to fall to the bottom section of my lungs to help the surgeon, which we all found to be hilarious.
Now the question we have is whats really going to end up killing me. I'm just kidding. :D


  1. Jera,

    Great to read and hear your sense of humor. Not everyone could maintain that, and having it makes a huge difference, I'm sure you know!

    We're all thinking about you and wishing the best. (Now we have to hope for safe driving too!)

  2. i dont know you but i care about you this is the power of writing