Monday, September 20, 2010

H. Faith: When ferris wheels attack!

Do you see how fast this ride is going? Oh, well. It was still one of the funnest rides at the 2010 Grape Festival in Lodi.

See how fun, soft, slow, and soothing the ferris wheel below looks? The ferris wheel we went on was nothing like this one. It was a threat to humanity. I don't even know how they could call it a ferris wheel, let alone have it in the same event as this NORMAL ferris wheel. It was the scariest thing ever!
So here's what happened:
On Saturday, September 18th, I went to the Grape Festival with my good friend Sophia and her family. Of course, as all teens do, we went off by ourselves. As a result, we ended up going on the "ferris wheel from hell," as Sophia put it.

We decided to go on the ferris wheels before everything else, but when we got into a line for this second one , we were unpleasantly surprised. We thought it just went a little too fast, which is why it had a cage on the front. Hmmm...I guess this is one of the more secure rides, I remember thinking while we were waiting to get on.

As soon as me and Sophia sat down in it..."VOOSH!" The cart turned sideways and me and Sophia screamed bloody murder! It started moving faster than we could scream that we wanted to get off. The whole time, we were trapped: crushing each other, standing upside down in the cage while it tossed us around, and feeling a bit closterphobic too I might add.

Oh, it was funny, but also painful. We were pinned against each other's sides for almost the entire ride.You'd think you'd have to be there to understand the pain, but some of our outbursts might give you an idea: "Why did we get on this ride?" "We're such idiots!" "Keep the wheel!!!"

As Sophia tried turning the wheel, I was laughing at her frightened face. We kept on yelling like a bunch of crazy kids until the twirl of terror ended. Walking away from the ride, we stumbled over every little blade of grass.

Glaring at the ride, we were curious as to how we didn't see it coming. Even trying to explain it to our friend, Sarah during lunch was out of the question. One word about it gave us both the chills.

Never go on the crazy ferris wheel at the Grape Festival! All of the other rides were amazing, though!

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