Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Damon Heine: Top ten horror films,Part 2

On Monday I told you my bottom half of the best horror movies of all time. Now its time for the ones that I regard the highest on the list. So without further a do, the top 5 horror films of all time.

5. Rosemarys Baby(1968); Roman Polanski's subtle but chilling satanic horror flick.

4. Halloween(1978); Widely regarded as the movie that began the slasher craze of the 1980's, the debut of Micheal Myers is the start of the masked killer villain.

3. The Shining(1980); Adapted from the novel by Stephen King, director Stanley Kubrick brings the horror genre to a epic status in this menacing motion picture.

2. Frankenstein(1931); One of the best known horror stories ever to be told, it became the best known Universal monster movie of the 30's and 40's. Boris Karloff's performance as the monster is the main reason why the film is remembered today, even though he had no line of dialouge in the film.

And here it is, the one that tops them all. Drumroll please......

The Exorcist(1973); To this day it tops a lot of critics list's. Why? Because it is a movie that brings the horror genre out of being only B-grade movies and makes them worthy of oscar type contention. The film itself won a oscar for best screenplay, and remains a favorite with both christians and satanists alike. The devil is not seen, but has a great presence in the film through the possessed girl. A great achievement like this should never be overlooked, even though gory horror films have seen to overtaken the true scary films, that pray on what we fear inside.

You may agree or disagree with my list of the best films that scare us, but i'm just giving my opinion. If you have not seen a movie or maybe even any film on this list, I do urge you to rent it in the upcoming Halloween month,(even though Blockbuster is in a state of financial crisis right now, oh well, thats a post for another time.)

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  1. YES!
    I love countdowns, and I daresay we do not have nearly enough of them
    First off, JEEEEEEZ you know your horror! Great job, and I have to agree on a lot of your picks (especially on Rosemary's Baby and Halloween). I like how you went a lot for the classics, logically, considering the watered-down cheap scare horror movies we have nowadays.
    Great first set of blogs, and I can't wait to read more. :)