Friday, September 24, 2010

N. Lawrence: Life Lessons

Sometimes, certain things are chosen for a reason, and that reason, can have good intentions.

Take homecoming for instance. There has usually been a king and queen elected from the senior class. Which makes sense to me because they are the oldest and are setting an example for the younger classes. This year Stagg decided to have a prince and princess elected from the sophomore class. I was disqualified, for reasons most student already know. However, I take this as a learning experience, I think that some sophomores are not at the maturity level needed for this type of election and school involvement.

It makes sense for the senior class, because if they don’t win, they graduate and say "it was a good experience" but sophomores, have two more years to go. Maybe as the years go by the candidates will be at peace with the decisions that were made, even if they didn’t win. But at this age, barely in our second year of high school, I think we are unable to control ourselves in this situation. It all seems like the biggest competition in the world to us, but really, it is just a sash and a crown. It really is just a 'in the moment' type of thing because by our junior year, we will barley talk about it.

Some during this election, didn’t show Stagg that the sophomore class can handle prince and princess. Which brings me back to the original fact that homecoming should be for king and queen, the senior class. That is how its been for a while, and how it should continue to stay. They are the role models for our school, the mature ones we should look up to. Instead of trying to play the same role as them when we are two grades behind, we should watch them, admire them, and learn from them so that when we get to our senior year, we can run for king or queen, and we will have that right mentality, and we will be able to handle ourselves in harsh situations without it getting out of hand.

It really shouldn’t be about getting even, it should be about keeping your head high, no matter what, and not paying attention to what other people say. I know I did not go into these elections with the right mentality. So after this experience, I am confident to say that I have learned a lot of life lessons and matured through this experience. Hopefull this can be a lesson learned for not only myself, but the student body as well.

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  1. I'm glad you took it as a learning experience. Who did what during the campaign process doesn't even matter if you take away some knowledge from it.
    I disagree with your statement that sophomores couldn't handle it. The PRINCESS nominees are the ones that proved they couldn't handle it. (No offense)
    The rest of the candidates were fair for the most part. I think it wasjust bitter "young girl" competition. Like you said, maturity was definitely a factor.
    I think you have the right idea of watching the Queens, seeing as they handled the campaign with dignity and fairness.
    Glad you learned a lesson, and I hope you run for Queen senior year with good intentions.