Thursday, February 11, 2010

CARINA 360°: What IS Love?

With Valentine's day just around the corner, I feel it appropriate for a love blog.
And what I found was that love comes in many shapes and forms.

I was watching a show on the National Geographic Channel called Taboo.
The “taboo” topic was love.

In the show, they documented Dave Cat and his wife of 10 years, Shidore.
She has purple hair, glasses, silicone breast ... and skin.

She is a doll, but not your average Barbie.

She is what they call, "Love Dolls." Realistic, human looking dolls that cost around $6,500. The websites claim they are exactly like real women. They even have simulated sex organs. (Just like a real lady, but without all the nagging!)

What I found so shocking is that Cat truly feels love for his doll. Calling himself a "doll husband,” finding comfort knowing she won't reject him.

If he weren’t enough, a man was featured with nine doll girlfriends. For him, he said he doesn’t know how to charm an actual female to bed, so he settles for the dolls.

Think of it as “Lars and the Real Girl,” times ten.

In Australia, it was a different kind of love. Cameras followed a couple who practice “negotiated infidelity.” It’s almost like being swingers, but instead of watching your lover have sex with someone else, you leave them alone in the room.

Yes, while the boyfriend is in the living room reading a magazine, his girlfriend, is in their bedroom doing the dirty with a man she met at a bar.

The girlfriend, Holly Hill, who’s also an author about relationships, says to think men as monogamous is, “very naïve.” Also, If you want your men to stay, you got to let him have sex with other women. She sees it as a gift to her partner. If he’s doing something he likes, why would you feel bad?

However there are boundaries for this loving couple. Absolutely NO intimacy, purely sex.

Personally, I’m a one boy kind of girl. Besides, wasn’t the brain built to be monogamous?

Love is a hard thing to define. So For you, my readers, a question.

What is the definition of love?

One man and one woman for eternity? A warm fuzzy feeling?
One man and nine dolls?


  1. Weeell,
    I read a fortune cookie once that said,
    "The true test of a realationship is to disagree but to hold hands."
    I thought it was pretty profound.

  2. whoa! thats crazy i didnt know that people actually went that far with having barbie dolls as girlfriends. i thought that it seemed to be kind of nasty