Friday, February 26, 2010

That Religious Guy: The Haiti Syndrome

..... We've all heard of the earthquake that devastated Haiti in January. Many nations and individuals have rushed to the impoverished country, offering humanitarian aid. How are the local Delta Kings and Queens helping out? Members of AVID collected change for Haiti in little takeout boxes. Mr. Walter even held a donation jar for Haiti as well. Some students, however, find that it's their duty to remind others to not be wasteful of food and other goods for the sake of the Haitians, even though they sound condescending when they do it.

..... When someone fails to consume their pizza crust, a stray fry, or even an abandoned carrot stick, these concerned citizens immediately respond with, "That could feed the starving people in Haiti you know." One person even came to the insulting conclusion that one pizza crust could feed many Haitians. Though possible, this idea basically reduces the Haitians into poor animals fighting for food. Instead of reminding people to clean their plates, individuals who love to bring up the plight of Haiti should actually do something more productive with their time like raising funds.
..... Every person has dignity. A natural disaster doesn't lessen this fact. Haiti will soon be forgotten as the place where people are suffering once another earthquake or typhoon strikes a country. Then the retorts trying to stand up for Haiti will be replaced with the name of said country. Like the struggles in Haiti, hopefully people will stop trying to be sarcastic in their championing of causes. The real heroes for Haiti are actually there, not in some cafeteria or classroom nagging others.

- Jeremy Dela Cruz

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