Friday, February 19, 2010

A Reporters View

As a high school reporter I've felt limited to the coverage topics. I'd see people on the streets or events going on and I've wanted to go further, I've wanted to report that story. The problem would be how someone's story who doesn't attend Stagg or have any connections to it would be of any interest to our students. Last night I was given the opportunity to come along with my friend to a formal community meeting.

I've always blamed myself for not going beyond and over but I finally did it. I took time out of my day to be at that meeting, and in the end I wished so many more would have done so also. An audience member gave a very significant comment, it went somewhat like this, "it's great that we're all here but like before we'll leave and then what?" She was implying that there needs to be a plan, a process where we the community can be more involved.

I just kept thinking t myself she is completely right. I don't want it to end that night I felt empowered by the meeting I had a passion to address the problem. I was proud to have been a part of the audience but now we must join and all be a part of the solution. ESPINO provided the meeting so that we could learn and have awareness, as a community we must provide a drive to gather and unite to stop "the train coming at full speed."
Let us put a stop to the expansion of jails. Let us fight for the better of our families. Let us fight for you, for them, and for ourselves. The price of education is more valuable yet we let our leaders confuse us and convince us to allow the worst, don't expand prisons, expand our minds. An organization says it all, "books not bars."

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