Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Interview for Feature profile: Subject Franci Segura

Once we found a person for our cultural puzzle, my partner Arianna and I took the first step into our story. We went to Segura's classroom and asked to speak with her. She speaks only Spanish so my partner Arianna was coming along on an interesting ride. I am a bilingual speaker so it wasn't a barrier for me. We first explain our purpose and the overall idea of the features package. She accepts and conversation begins. Arianna witnessed the ooh's and aww's I expressed and was captivated by the speech occurring in front of her.

We finished the interview and she showed her interest openly. Arianna was intrigued about what had just occurred. I thought to myself, "all we did was talk in SPANISH." That was when it occurred to me that my ability to speak another language was never really appreciated. I have always wanted to learn another language and much more but before I start to drift off topic my point is that I have an amazing advantage and I am more than pleased to have my partner Arianna
be a part of this story.

She and I visited Segura's classroom daily during the remaining week not only to speak to her but also to others. We arranged to take her home so we could take a look into her life. It was today that Arianna and I, accompanied by Franci, toured her home. While Arianna drove, I was attempting to inform myself more on Franci's personality and on the life she lived in Guanajuato. At times I felt like I was offending Arianna because she didn't understand when we spoke Spanish but then like I was offending Franci when I talked to Arianna.

I can admit it was a very interesting drive going from one language to another. Fortunately both Arianna and Franci understand there was no disrespect in either conversation. Arianna and I met her parents and her baby brother. I was pleased at how nicely we were accepted not only into their home but also every room of their house.

From the very first interview to the home visit, Arianna never lost interest. I am satisfied with the results of our partnership and find our procedures very beneficial. I was able to connect with everything Segura and her family shared with me. My most important task will be relating my experience to those like Arianna, who are interested to experience and learn the many different cultures available but unfortunately cannot because of an obstacle.

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