Friday, January 22, 2010

iLogic: Pathetically Depressed

Everything has been hitting me like a hurricane lately. I don't mean to be so "blah" about it but everything is just so "blah". With school and with my family. My problems aren't a big deal but in fact very stressful. I'm 15 years old, I am depressed and very stressed. This isn't a normal thing for a teenager to go through. I should be going out with my friends and having fun [free soul!] Instead I am tied down with a leash at my house, babysitting, studying and stressing to make my parents proud of me and for the price of what? My happiness? My freedom?

It's not a bad thing to babysit my sister because she is my world. Just sometimes I get so sick and tired of it. I'm depressed because I barely have a social life, my parents aren't bad people. It just seems like they don't really give a "hoo hoo" about my feelings. I know all they want is for me to get a good education and prosper in life, but they are going a little too far.

My dad says he doesn't want me to end up like him and my mom, that's his reason for keeping me at home all the time and my mom's excuse is somewhat similar. This is ridiculous and I feel so pathetic. I love my family but I need to get away from them every once in a great while. I'm not the type of daughter that doesn't appreciate anything because I do. I wouldn't trade my family for any other family even if they paid me. My point is that I'm 15 and depressed. That isn't normal, they[parents] need to just let the fact go that I am nothing like them and let me have a little bit of freedom.

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