Monday, January 25, 2010

iLogic: Feeling a Bit Much Like a Hypocrite

Okay so this issue I am writing an opinion story on the whole vampire thing and how it has gotten completely out of control with students on our [Stagg] campus. I talked about Twilight being a bad thing and how it was ridiculously stupid.

Well that was until last night when the movie came on and I watched it to get a better idea as to why people are so crazed about this fantasy novel and the movie. Some would say it is because of the guys and my reason is the story line. I feel like the biggest hypocrite alive because I swore left and right that I wouldn't watch that movie as long as I was alive.

Maybe it was good that I chose a story that was way outside my comfort zone but that is what journalism is all about. Getting a good story that people would like to read, even if it means going outside my own comfort zone. I watched Twilight and now I see things totally differently and when I watched shows like True Blood and the Vampire Diaries I didn't get it all to well.

The point is that I picked a story way out of hand for me well not way out of hand. Just beyond my comfy zone and who would have known that it could have turned out to be a great thing for me in the end. New Moon here I come. I still feel like the biggest hypocrite but, the old saying is true "Don't judge a book by its cover."

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  1. I agree! And don't feel like a hypocrite just for liking something. Obviously there was something behind the hype. Not everyone out there gets excited over stupid things. To me Twilight is a great love/adventure story. Not just some dumb vampire book series and movie.