Friday, January 22, 2010

Invinsible!: My Role Model

I met my biological father a little over a year ago. When I look at him, I see myself. We have the same ears, smile, nose, and eyes.

I regret all time we lost because I really connect with him. I am glad he is in my life and sober now. He spent months, and years in jail which helped him overcome his addiction. It sometimes hurt when I think about all the birthdays he missed.I still know he doesn't know everything about me. When I go to spend time with him, he acts more like a friend than a father figure. He always tells me he is so glad to have me in his life now, and that makes me smile.He is always bragging about me to all his friends. My dad has more friend than i do haha :) ! He is very social, and loves to have fun. He does the craziest things. Like i said before, when I look at him, I see me.

It is funny that we both have the same personality, and I didn't even know who he was when I was growing up. Even though he has missed many of my achievements I am fortunate that he will get to see me graduate highschool and college:). He didn't graduate, and I will make him a proud father.

The way I look at this sad situation is that he is finally taking responsibility. I wish I knew him my whole life, but in a way I am glad because I wouldn't of wanted to see him on drugs. I strongly encourage you to stay away from drugs and other harmful things because you will miss out on your life, and regret what you have done. All the time you spent away from your friends in family will create internal scars in you and them as well. You will drift away from the ones who care about you the most, and ruin who you are. Drugs control the way you act.

Even though I only known my father since October 2008, he is my role model. He let go of his past so he can have a better future. He quit drugs, and started rebuilding his life and family back together. I know he truly is sorry for letting drugs control him. Now he is back in control, and I am truly proud. He has taught me to not let anything push me away from all my goals that I want and desire. I love him. I forgive him. I am glad he is my father.

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