Sunday, January 10, 2010


As most of you know I have had my surgery. I did not only have one there were some complications which led to me having to have 5 lovely surgeries. The complications were not to serious, but big in their own way.
I had a lot of issues with infections and, well that led to my 5 surgeries. Over that month we watched as the surgeons and doctors walked in monitoring my temperature and adding more and more antibiotics. If my temperature spiked it usually meant that I had to have surgery the next morning or even that night.
Because of these complication chemo had to be postponed. Because of these surgeries I spent over two months, to be exact I was there for 72 days. It was sad because winter was approaching and flu season had arrived. With the flu season here it meant no one under the age 16 or with a slight cough was allowed to enter the hospital.
This made things even more difficult for me. I have a 14, a 10 and a 5 year old, niece and nephews, which I am very close to and they could not visit me in the hospital.
On account of everything that happened I am still not able to walk and I am wheelchair bound. It makes things difficult because I really can't get around like I use to. I can't put any weight on my left leg and need to use a lot of upper body strength. I have to wear a brace so that it keeps all my hardware in place.
My doctor says maybe by February I will be able to walk a little. And we're hoping that if all goes well by March or April I'm back on the move. With this up look I also have my last chemo coming up on January 25 then a scan in February that will hopefully indicate the end to all of it.
There is some humor to all of this. Now I get to lay around and do nothing which usually seemes to be all I wanted to do, it's no fun. Yes, I do not do chores or really do much but to tell you the truth I would rather be going to school every morning and have a 5 page essay due tomorrow. I know WOW when would a kid say that. It just shows that some things are nice every once in a while but after some time it gets to be too much. However, having cancer is definitely too much all the time.


  1. Can't wait to have you back. Love you<3

  2. Jera, it would be incredibly foolish and self-centered to say I completely understand how you feel, so I won't. But I went through a bit of cancer business myself after graduation and can recall the daily challenges I faced. You, however, have had to go through an exceptionally larger amount than I ever had to, and I admire the strength you've displayed in a great way. As difficult as it must be sometimes, and as lonely as it feels sometimes, I encourage you to remain steadfast and fight. I sincerely wish the best for you and will keep you in my prayers and thoughts. Good luck. YOU CAN DO IT MANG. :P

  3. i dont know you but feel better i know how you feel when you come back just look for the oddest person you will find me esily fyi i am not gared i know he is wierd too so yeah byyy

  4. That is a lot to go through and I'm here and so is everyone else on staff. We are all here for you Jera. By the way its Pati :]. I hope everything goes well and we can finally have you here with us.