Monday, April 27, 2009

4x4 up-date

.... Well you have heard a lot about the upcoming new 4x4 schedule that the district wants to take place. I wrote a story about the 4x4 schedule and the SLCs this last issue. I had stated that teachers were suppose to be voting the following week but they didn't vote. Now it seems that the teachers might be voting in their next school meeting then the results are taken to the board.
.....We as students don't know if it will benefit all of us or just some of us. Even though the administrator have the students education at heart it could just be bad judgement. Some surveys have been held to see what students were interested in.
....The 4x4 schedule is meant to give students eight classes in one year instead of six. They will be taking four classes the first semester and another four the second semester. This will help students earn their credits back if the flunked any classes before hand.
....There are some concerns that parents, students and teachers have. Some people believe that it will only help the students that are flunking by giving them chances of passing a class that they couldn't pass the first time around. Some of the students in honor or AP classes as well as their teachers say that it won't benefit them because they can't take an algebra 3-4 class first semester and then Pre-calculus second semester.


  1. I definitely won't benefit. If the 4X4 passes, I'm just gonna take P.E. and some useless elective that I was forced to decide quickly at the counter with the counselor. I want to take P.E., but the long hour and a half seems like too long to be workin' out my bod all day.
    BTW, will there ever be a single luch again? I just miss all my friends I can't see and that's not giving me my inspiration to do well in school because it's not as fun.
    -Pongze Lor

  2. I don't understand why they will not allow a student to take Algebra 3-4 and then Calculus. Are they too lazy to bother with the would be testing time for that student? Because, ofcourse they'll never be able to finish two tests in the time of one, even though they're allowed as much time as possible, and are allowed to retake many tests if missed.

  3. I can't help but feel selfish because I didn't want the 4X4. For me, it's unnecessary but other people need/want it. Maybe I'll just be mad and say that they deserved it and they should've been more careful.