Monday, April 27, 2009


....Like Lissette I was greatly impacted by the immigration session that took place more than a week ago at Phoenix. I was enraged at the fact that although this generation is supposed to lead to a advanced era, people in the discussion were so narrow minded. We all know the common phrase a person says when they are against immigration is, "They take away all the job opportunities."One girl at the session said just that. She claimed immigrants take jobs away and student immigrants would take away positions at competitive schools, so where would that leave us Americans? People say that illegal immigrants only contribute to the recession we are in now. Schools are going to be competitive regardless and if we make them citizens they would pay taxes helping our nation.
....If immigrants want to come here and become citizens wouldn't that make them Americans. What standards does an individual have to live up to become an American? I think if we find a beneficial way, like the DREAM Act, to make illegal immigrants citizens, they'll be contributing to the U.S. Through the DREAM Act students, who are illegal immigrants, can graduate and pay taxes. So how would that be taking away a job and not contributing? If anything it would lead to a more stable nation because instead of hiring teachers and engineers from other countries we would have people in the U.S would have the job.
....We also have to look at the humanity of the situation. People are trying to get away to a place where they are able to get more opportunity. I know my grandma had to leave my mother and her 3 siblings behind for 10 years in order to bring them over legally. Imagine all the families being separated by this issue. And the kids that are brought over illegally should not be held morally responsible.
....People have the perception that illegal immigrants have to only come from Mexico. What about the people that come from Asia or even Canada. The Canadian border has not reported to have half as much police as the Mexican border. Or people associate illegal immigrants with jumping a fence. What people don't know is individuals who overstay their visas qualify as an illegal immigrants.  It is because of the typical media coverage. we need to research for ourselves and not rely on hear say.
....Although I was born in America I can sympathize with what immigrants have to go through. If we shut immigrants out we are shutting out what made America so diverse.

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  1. I was thinking to myself whhile reading this, and I thought to myself, "Why, ofcourse people would understand that immigrants don't cause those problems. But the truth is that I just didn't really think about and understand that other humans don't think the same way I do. I expected others to be as much a thinker as me but the truth is that I've never seen someone as outrageous as to say that illegal 'Mexicans' are the ones to blame"
    Somewhere along the quote ended...
    Anyways, If you miss the root of the problem, you'll only attack what the roots are growing, which leads to going nowhere.
    I really can't understand why someone would believe such a thing. A reason may be that they just don't really care abort it but just wanted to say something.

    -Pongze Lor