Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Counselor

..... Yesterday, hundreds of Delta Kings and Queens swarmed K-11 to meet with counselors to plan out their classes for next year. As we were herded into separate lines (A-M and L-Z? That doesn't seem possible!), I already knew the counselor who I wanted to discuss my possible Stagg future with: Mr. Nguyen.
..... Some people think Mr. Nguyen is kind of weird or strange, but I like him. He's one of the only counselors who I believe actually care about their students. Plus, during second quarter, I had already discussed with him about transferring over to Chavez. That's why when I took a seat opposite him, he greeted me with "I thought you already left!"
..... Anyways, I thought it would be nice to plan my classes with him since I wanted to bring up my desire to transfer again. I considered it easier with him since he wouldn't be too judgmental like some adults on campus, cough the ladies in the office cough. At first, he tried to dissuade me from going to Chavez, by saying that it's up to the students to make a school what it is. "Sometimes Catholics are just Catholics and teachers are just teachers." Wise words from a good counselor. But he did, however, agree with me that there was a different learning atmosphere at Chavez. I guess the future will tell how things end up...
..... We did get around to discussing my Junior classes. I got all my picks from Junior Honors English to AP History. Noticing that I had checked a vocational/trade school option as my destination after high school, Mr. Nguyen asked me why I selected this. Then I revealed to him my other desire: to become a priest. As any adult would be, he was shocked. But then he mellowed out and said that his ambition when he was young was to also become a priest! Of course he ended up becoming a counselor, but it was great to finally talk to another person who knew how I felt.
..... Mr. Nguyen was excited about my vocation. He asked me how I developed this "major" (That's what he called it) and was I really going to go through with it. Well of course as anyone can tell you I am! Then we discussed where I was going to attend seminary school (St. Patrick's by the way :] ) and his own experience developing his faith. I kind of felt that he actually cared about my career choice. He didn't treat it as just some adolescent dream, but a possible future. Mr. Nguyen advised me to prepare myself for public speaking, crisis management, and other necessary skills. He also told me to carry myself in a manner befitting my calling.
..... I found out I had a lot in common with a school counselor. We both went to St. Luke's Catholic Church as teenagers, just like Ms. Duangsawat by the way. But the reason I'm blogging about this is because it's nice that someone is out there who understands my chosen profession. Some teachers have tried discouraging me from becoming a priest, even going as far as saying I'd be wasting my talents. I have found, however, that my friends and family have been quite supportive. You should never let anyone stop you from completing your dream. This reminds me of a Dominican friar who once told me: "Keep your eye on the prize." These words ring true. As long as you look ahead, the troubles in the present don't seem so difficult.

- Jeremy Dela Cruz, a religious guy


  1. wow i liked that
    sometimes you don't need statistics to prove your point
    as long as you're passionate (as you've shown) i think people will be able to understand where you stand :]

  2. Ahah! That quote "I'd be wasting my talents" is just horrible. Are they telling us that we have to work our butt off as much as we can because we tried so hard to be able to do a such thing?
    Anyways, I don't see a problem in Jeremy being a priest. Why not help others? That can be a talent, one that I don't have.
    If they want us to use our talents, why not just take away classes we don't need? One Reason is that this society needs a little bit of everything. why, if nobody became a priest because they were so talented, then who would give Jeremy his spiritual needs that may help him learn in school. I sure do need a lot of help.
    People want the most efficiency these days, not caring for other Things.
    -Pongze Lor

  3. Dude, you are so freaking biased sometimes!!
    You act as if all those other counselors sit there to collect a paycheck!!!
    Mr. Uyeda cares... you toss him out as useless, worthless, yesterday's news. Who was there when I needed him? Helped me work out what I wanted to do? Always has time for me? Surely not Mr. Nguyen, in your eyes counselor of the year. Just because Mr. Nguyen was raised a Catholic, and supports your choice to enter the priesthood does not raise him higher than any other counselor. Sometimes, my dear friend, it is possible to be wrong, or biased.