Monday, April 6, 2009

All aboard, the train is coming!

Am I scared? Scared of what? Oh yes the train tracks! Nothing to be scared of expect the fact someone is going to glue on metal detectors' favorite victims. Oh my, how agonizing it will be. I finally got through all my uncomfortable dental work and now the omen I've been waiting for: Braces.

In four weeks, I shall be wearing car parts on my teeth and talk with an awkward slur. No disrespect to those who have or had braces, but my face is not equip for adapting to these bars. Others who first get their braces seem to cringe as they try to cover their mouths with embarrassment. But it's after awhile, when they begin to look natural and you can hardly tell the braces are there.

I'm still worried, however. What if I never look natural? What if they end up staying on longer than the two to three years they estimated? I would like a Colgate smile, but the braces; Ooh!

The bright side of this all, is that I could care less about the silly names others will call me. It's all elementary. "Brace face!" They'd snicker and end it with a Nelson "Ha ha!" Please, like I would waste my time caring what others joke of my metal mouth. They've become to natural, really if anyone makes fun it's just to kid around; which I don't mind at all.

In the end this had to come. Just like tenant shots and picture days, it's arriving sooner or later. I figure I might as well enjoy this process. As long as I can see the outcome, I think I'm going to relax more on this one.


  1. I see nothing wrong with braces and laugh at the people who think it looks horrible. When I see people with braces, I can't help but notice it, but not because I want to make fun of it, but because I'm looking at somebody who can smile. I might laugh at you just because you might expect it, but braces seem so natural these days that nobody will have a heart attack because you're keeping such horrible materials in your mouth.

    I don't see any other Stagg students' comments. Am I the only one?

  2. Hahah :]

    I liked how you portrayed your situation in a very light and funny way. The braces jokes made me lol', and don't worry, I'm sure everyone will get used to your braces. :P

    And you'll still probably look natural as well. xD