Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The buzz has officially began about prom. The whispers creeping through the hallways and spilling into the classrooms are not about the junior class being allowed to attend, though, or even the somewhat unique theme. Instead they're about who will be crowned king and queen, titles that Stagg seniors see as far more important than the current economic crisis or any structural changes occurring on campus.

I understand preprom whispers are inevitable but I still can not understand how someone can cry victory when they haven't even been nominated. Maybe I'm too much of a day-to-day thinker but if I were one of these court hopefuls (which I'm not ... homecoming was enough for me), I think I'd worry more about making reservations at restaurants and photography shops than I would be about how I was going to smile when I accepted my crown.

In addition, I would advise all those popular kids who are not like me to remember that being popular doesn't guarantee you a title because there are far more people like me than there are popular people like you! And in our world, every vote counts even if it comes from a nerd.

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