Friday, April 10, 2009

Come one, come all! Campus Cafe is now open!

..... Grab your money and your appetite Delta Kings and Queens 'cause the Campus Cafe is serving up a banquet afterschool now. The menu below is just some of what the Stagg establishment is ready to serve:

Hamburger - $2.00
Hotdog - $1.50
Nachos - $1.50
Cup of Noodles - $1.00
Soda - $1.00

..... Don't expect your regular lunch fare here, however, where hamburgers are crammed into tight foil packages. The Campus Cafe actually cooks hamburgers on the spot and makes yours just the way you like it, with or without cheese and lettuce. Hotdogs are also subject to their meticulous cuisine standards and turn out to be as yummy as they look. Looking for something a little Mexican? Well order some Cafe nachos, the closest to Mexican food you'll get at Stagg! Jalapenos and cheese drench these culinary creations and promise to melt in your mouth.
..... So support the school and buy something from the Campus Cafe. There's no need to walk over to Burger King or the Dollar Tree anymore, because low prices have come here. For those of you out of the loop, the Cafe is located right next to the Cafeteria and The Glade. Doors open as soon as the final bell rings, signaling the end of another school day.
..... See, with both the Student Store and Campus Cafe up and running, Stagg is becoming just like a little city. Next thing you know it, they'll be opening a Delta King Bank or a Stagg High Hospital, the place to nurse those bruised egos after those dumb lunchtime fights. In a way, high school is a window into the future, preparing us for life in a real city.
..... We get to experience responsibilities and just how strong our willpower is through places like the Student Store and Campus Cafe. Will we be the student who can't resist buying burgers till he's bankrupt? Or the one who has to fight off those darn rice krispie fund raisers with a stick? Such difficulties show us how life is filled with people who want your money. The problem is will you give it to them? But anyways, spend money at the Student Store or the Campus Cafe. Have some school spirit, or else the Associated Student Body and whoever's in charge will close them down. You know I have half-a-mind to start a revolution and overthrow ASB with the CSB, the Confederate Student Body, because of certain cancelled acitivities (ahem Marriage Booth ahem cough Today's Rally cough) but that's another blog for another day...

- Jeremy Dela Cruz, Vive la Revolution!


  1. Grrr! I have to retype my comment because I saw a mistake while previewing and pressed the back button.

    Nice advertising Jeremy, but I'll most likely never buy anything for the campus cafe, unless they're willing to accept my $10 Gift Card for the student store.
    I then later commented on the marriage booth. I saw problems with it because there would be couples wanting to have fun, such as marrying a bunch of people, and couples who are really having a serious time and want to show their love for each other. And all the blame would be on the guy, Right? if he didn't do something romantic. Well, I'd say that a woman has power.
    At this point I've lost track and start rambling about my life. I've been told that I should take the "man" parts of my relationship, such as asking a girl out and other stuff, but I'd rather not. It seems sexist to me. If a very shy little wimp who always turns pink isn't enough of a "man", then I'd be happy to take him out for some fun, if I was a girl. Anyways, there shouldn't be these dumb laws restricting certain people to do certain things, I can't handle it.
    I'd join your revolution Jeremy, but on my lost commentary, I noticed that you said vive instead of viva, Which I always thought it was.
    -Angry Pongze, I've really got to start doing my Reading Log, because it's already 11:36 PM and I've procrastinated too long.

  2. Remember Pongze that I take French, not Spanish.

  3. Nice advertising Jeremy. Im actually surprised the school took some initiative and started this up. I wonder if it will be popular.
    Vive La Revolution!!!