Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How do you liven up a SUSD board meeting?

Believe it or not this is a simple question. All you have to do is ...

A. Tell corny jokes that only adults find funny.
B. Comment on how nice everyone looks even if they don't
and lastly 
C. Sit next to Mr. Goodwin while you wait. He may not have hair, but he sure if clever.

So, like this blog, my speech may not have been super sophisticated or even long, but it entertained my audience. And when you're sitting in a room full of teachers and parents who aren't exactly smiling, that's the least you can do!


  1. Why not have a big cheesy smile to go with it. I've never been to a board meeting but my hypothesis of these actions will mean that only a few of the aduults will be affected and only for a short time. Anyways, it's good for the mood.
    -Right and wrong/Left Poenzi Laur

  2. Would the teachers enjoy it even more if the person acting mature was completely foolish? seems like a bad idea for future memories.
    -Pongze Lor