Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The mean dad of our country

As I was watching the news yesterday, I came across one of the funniest things. With GM and Chrysler getting closer and closer to bankruptcy, President Obama had to tell them that they had to get their act together to receive anymore bailout money.
Even though I'm not a taxpayer yet, I must complain as the rest of the country, and say that these bad arrogant companies deserve no more money at all. And while some people may say that Obama hasn't done very much of what he said to better the economy, I can say that it is for various reasons. For one he has done nothing more than have to be the mean dad of our country. Repeatedly letting the country know that we have gotten into this hole ourselves. Having to tell big company CEO's that if they don't clean up their act, they won't be helped anymore. It's almost as though he has to be the tough parent who doesn't let you go out after you missed curfew. If people could just simply make more sophisticated decisions, Obama could more easily make his transition as maybe one of the best presidents that we have ever had.


  1. I agree with Lisette, although I don't understand why the title is so. Is there a mean and nice dad?

    Well anyways, I talked to Mr.Dei Rossi once about the new jobs. I said that if Obama's making jobs so that we can make money, why not stop people from losing jobs first such as teachers and such. If people are gaining and losing jobs, then there is no change in America, unless the new jobs will somehow have a better effect than the ones we already have. Obama's ideas are just being wasted one after the other.

    -Pongze Lor

  2. I agree with the part he must be our strict father as you say and let GM stand on their own, however, must he repeatedly tell us what we have done wrong and he isn't the cause of it? I doubt much are saying he hasn't done anything yet, he's put together a Stimulus Plan and gone to Europe. The thing is, my problem with Barack Obama, is that he's apologizing to countries for what the another president has done. No president apoligizes for our actions but stands behind them and move on from there. Okay we get it he has a lot to fix, but enough with the excuses! I think he's wasting time as he makes it so important to get things done by telling everybody how bad a country we are and it isn't his fault. I think he should get back, do what he says he'll do, and get over the apologizing. We get it already, it's not your fault Mr. President, now can you please move on? I agree, with Pongze, his ideas are being wasted after another. Now I belive in this President, we have to, and I trust he'll get this country out of this hell hole he speaks of. We can't change the past so stop working on it so you can show us how great a president you are by not making such mistakes. In other words, talk is cheap.

    btw, i don't know if you remember in Ms. Dei Rossi's class, but I disagree people were suprised he could do anything because of the color of his skin. I'm worried because of his background, and not his complection. Palin has more experience to be president, not that I would agree of her doing so, but it's idiotc to say she doesn't have enough credit to be a vice president yet he has enough to be in charge. What standards must you have to be a vice president? Obama is more qualified for that position. Anyways, i'm going off.