Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CARINA 360°: Hollywood Undead, not kind to women

Hollywood Undead is a rap-rock band from Los Angeles. The band consists of six members: Charlie Scene, Johnny 3 Tears, J-Dog, Da Kurlzz, Deuce, and Funny Man.

When I first heard the song, "Everywhere I Go," I thought it was it was the funniest/stupidest song I've ever heard. The lyrics stuck to to head. And like the cool kid that I am, I sang along.

... But then I saw the music video that changed my opinion of the good 'ol boys of L.A to be nothing but women hating alchy's (alcoholics) lacking a bible.

In the beginning of the video, "Charlie Scene" awakes from a one night stand. He tells the girl in Spanish, "It's over b*tch, " pushes her off the bed, then yells at his mom to get him a beer.

As a 16 year-old girl, I felt somewhat disrespected. I mean, I know I wasn't the one pushed off the bed by some guy wearing a handkerchief who still lives with his mom ... but still.

And the constant usage of the b*tch, hoe, slut. I mean you don't see Lil Kim calling men dirty, skanky, d*cks, stupid, and so on ... She in fact, does the opposite. It's just unnecessary to spew hatred

I was reading the YouTube comments and I was expecting some of the things I was thinking. You know, like "How sexist, how dirty, how LAME" But no, people posted things saying, Charlie Scene is a "good rapper" & "hu is awesome!"

Really now.

I did, however, find one comment with some sense:

I'm not a huge fan of them acting disrespectful towards women.. 'b*tch, slut etc'

The lyrics are not kind to females, and, to put it bluntly, stupid:

"Everywhere I go, b*tches always know That Charlie Scene has got a weenie that he loves to show ... Gotta get drunk before my mom wakes up Break-up with my girlfriend so I can bang sluts
... Come on girls I wanna see you drinkin' I wanna see your brain start shrinkin'"

And in the description for the video it asks the ladies to watch to the very end for a "surprise."
Guess what it is! It's Charlie Scene whipping out his ... "cellphone" It's censored of course, but really now ... it leaves me speechless. As if chicks really dig that.

To be fair, some of their songs are okay. I like this band, just not this song.

And if you think I'm wrong, or exaggerating, here's the link to the video. (Only because the video is a little risky, and I wouldn't want my little brother watching it.)


Everywhere I Go - Hollywood Undead


  1. Ah, I don't listen to Hollywood Undead, but that is disrespectful. I listened to that song however, it's soo catchy despite the lyrics. @.@

    Also, another band that also refers to women as "b*tches" and "sluts" would be BrokeNcyde, a "crunkcore" band. I love BrokeNcyde though, even though they are sexist.

  2. i like this song...

    but that is kinda mean....

  3. thank you carina. i love you. finally somebody understands why i don't listen to hip-hop anymore. im more of the pop and rock kind, now.