Tuesday, August 25, 2009

RANDOMora: McVeggies and Salad Kings...WE NEED THEM!!!

I'm not trying to sound like a whiny leaf eater, but rather trying to support the fast food industry with a fresh concept of vegetarian friendly fast food restaurants. I feel excluded when I go to Taco Bell and all I have to order is a bean burrito and those fatty cinnamon twists. I've become the oddball when out with friends, ruining coupon deals and always asking "Is there any meat in this?"

The only vegetarian restaurants around are either both too expensive or create the "mocha drinking, sudoku puzzling, Peta vegan" vibe that places us food minorities as "all the same." What happened to equal rights?! Well, not to say they aren't present, but you veggies (or lack there of) feel me, right? Should I have to be the one to create a McVeggie or Salad King, or has everyone already figured out this rocket science?

Sure, I admit profits would seem a bit challenging to make when considering only 6 to 8 million people in the U.S. (excluding teens) are either vegetarian or vegan. I completely agree that having a round the clock vegetarian fast food restaurants would be an entire waste of time in California, especially since the West has the highest percentage of 5.4 vegetarian/vegan residents than any part of the United States. You also have to consider that 50 percent of U.S. citizens choose not to eat meat, fish, or fowl when ordering from restaurants or cooking from home. The fact that this makes a useless statement for big time companies and restaurants to expand on meatless products and dishes for buyers is just ridiculous!

So, if you have ever come across a vegetarian fast food restaurant (yes some exist), be sure to spread the word next time by investing a couple of bucks. You never know, maybe this ridiculous waste of breath might come to be another equal rights movement standing side by to Gay, Lesbian, and Transsexual's rights. Uncommon? Well, as Peta would say, "Think about it."

For more information visit: http://www.vrg.org/press/2009poll.htm

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