Monday, August 17, 2009

Clearly Claire: A concert at the fair

Two Saturdays Ago, my dad, my mom, my aunt, my uncle, my cousin, and I piled into the back of our forest green Honda Odyssey and drove an hour to the Stanislaus County Fair. The reason: my dad wanted to see an old band called Huey Lewis and the News. Now, I am sure that you reading this have no idea who I am talking about. I didn't have any idea either. My dad and I don't really listen to the same music. So instead of spending Saturday night on the couch wasting the day away, I was stuck going to see some old band and watch my parents awkwardly dance to old songs that would suck.

Wow, was I wrong. When the first song began I still had that smug teen angst face on. That face that said I couldn't believe that I was here and at least my friends wouldn't see me, but as the songs progressed, I found my foot begin to tap and my head began to bob. Then I heard a song I actually knew. "The Power of Love" was one of my favorite songs as a kid because I had seen it on "Back to the Future." I uncontrollably began blurting out the lyrics to the song, then turned completely red. I was having a good time. How embarrassing! I wasn't supposed to like this. I was supposed to sit there looking at my parents as if they were ruining my life by having a good time. But then I realized something.

Once I had given into the music, I had so much fun. The songs were actually good, once I began to really listen. I no longer cared if people saw me dancing, I was in my own little world. So next time my parents tell me they want to go to a dorky oldies concert, I am definitely gonna be there. No matter how much of a loser I look like.

--Claire Scheffer

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  1. Hahah, awh, that's cute. Although I would never go to a concert with my parents. But that's a different story. xD