Friday, August 21, 2009

iMissyRae 2.0: Immortality Truly Breaks Age Barriers?

"I can't wait to see the second Twilight film, Missy! You have to come to the midnight premier with me!" These are the first few words that my aunt blurts out to me as she enters my house. How old is my aunt you might wonder? She is thirty-eight-- I am only fifteen.

Now what amuses me the most about this particular memory is that not only did an adult talk to me about a teen-fiction novel, but she also revealed that her co-workers read the Twilight novels too, and saying they love the series would truly be an understatement. So the question is, why is this blog-worthy?

Ever since the vampire craze struck mainstream society, shows like True Blood and Vampire Diaries (set to air on September 10th), are slowly on the rise to stardom, and I can't help wondering what the appeal is.

Is it the beautiful actors and actresses hired to play these immortal beings? Is it the sensuality and sexuality incoorperated into the storylines and plots? Or is it the idea of being able to live, love, and grow without actually having to die?

Whatever it is and whichever the appeal may be, I'm amazed and honestly in awe over how mythical beings once seen as bloodthirsty fiends can bring together a diversity of fans without causing too much chaos -- and if chaos were to ensue, it would be at the upcoming installment of the Twilight series New Moon, which I am definitely going to attend (and promote).

Though some may condemn this vampire trend as.. well as a trend, at least I know that I can talk to my almost middle-aged aunt without having to stumble upon other awkward conversations about boyfriends and school-work. And besides the more humorous comparisons, at least I'm able to bond with an adult who was born to an entirely different generation than mine.

What can I say, I know I'm obsessed with the whole vampire ordeal, but at least I can find similarities with family members who I honestly haven't talked to in years. This is probably just one of those situations that ironically brought me and a family member closer and I truly love vampires even more for that..

- From your friend, Missy 5.0


  1. Ahah. What's funny, Missy, is my aunt loves Twilight too, she even bought the DVD when it came out. And now she can't wait to see New Moon.

    I'm not that surprised though, she's only 24 so, not that much older than me. But still, it does make me wonder why Twilight appeals to everyone when it was aimed at teens for the most part.

    Nice blog. :D

  2. My cousin is obsessed with those books and it drives me crazy. haha. In a way its cool though i kind of like the Twilight Books but not as much as your aunt or my cousin. hahaha. But thats cool your aunt is into twilight, i think your lucky your aunt likes that stuff :]