Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Clearly Claire: Love Becomes Obsession

I have always loved reading. It is something I do a lot. I am the annoying person in the back of the theatre during Harry Potter that is yelling "That wasn't in the book" and "Did they even flip through the pages before they made this movie?" But it seems that lately, I have been more drawn to my television.

See, the beauty of television is that it is like a moving picture book that also talks to you. But when does this switch from just a love of television, to an obsession. If any of the following applies, you may be a TV addict...

  • You have a favorite show for every day of the week
  • You talk about your favorite shows as if the people in them are you friends
  • You hear yourself saying things like "I am totally boycotting a station because they cancelled my favorite show"
  • You begin to quote lines from the show
  • You start reading books, watching movies, and playing games that the characters do on TV

The sad thing for me is that all of these apply to me. I have to get home everyday by a certain time because I am gonna miss my favorite show. I used to talk about the Gilmore Girls as if they lived in my town. I boycotted ABC after they cancelled "Pushing Daisies". I love to quote things I hear on shows. One of my favorite bands is "The Shins" which I discovered on my favorite show.

I guess after a stressful day at school, it is easier to tune out in front of the television that it is to think about that essay due for English or that experiment due for Chemistry. But the good news is, is that I have accepted the fact that I have a problem and that is the first step.

If only there was a Television Lovers Anonymous.

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  1. gee, thanks Claire. You just informed me that I have no life..ha ha ha. But, now at least I am ready to admit it....


    so claire,did you find out more information on the T.L.A?? (television lovers anonymous) haha.