Wednesday, November 11, 2009

That Religious Guy: Hoping for a happy ending

..... And the Roman Catholic Church strikes again, this time against that masked villain, The Abortionist! The RC Church has foiled President Barack Obama's plan to increase abortion "rights," to the general dismay of Pro-Choice advocates, who as The Wall Street Journal put it, had worked so hard to elect him to do so. It seems that the bishops and the parishes all over America gained a well-deserved victory as the House of Representatives passed a healthcare reform bill that would prohibit abortion coverage in private insurance plans, something along the lines of no federal money going to help pay for someone else's abortion.

..... The Wall Street Journal said that the Democratic strategy of running more conservative candidates for congressional seats backfired since about 40 House Democrats are opposed to abortion "rights" (If you're wondering why I'm putting quotation marks around the word rights all the time it's because, well, abortion isn't a right at all). House Democrats who were Pro-Choice tried unsuccessfully to persuade and come to weak compromises with these Pro-Lifers. According to Representative Mike Doyle, the Bishops were so effective in their campaign was because they had a good social justice record and actually wanted to pass the bill. The Bishops also supported the Democrats' efforts to include illegal immigrants into medical benefits.

..... As a Catholic, am I happy with the outcome of the bill? Sure! Do I hope the Senate approves it? Of course! Is the battle for the right to life over? Sadly, no, but with good people working hard to make a difference in the world, I'm sure it will all end with a happy ending and a newborn's laughter.

- Jeremy Dela Cruz

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