Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Three Year Old Life Saver

This passed Halloween was probably the most heart capturing. I was invited to a few parties, but I know if I went I would have probably done something that I would later regret. Also my mother would kill me if she ever found out where and what I was doing. I was literally about four minutes from being picked up from an older friend of mine, and then i felt guily. I lied to my mother, and I am just one of those people who always tell the truth. I absolutely hate when people lie, and when I told this lie I felt like a complete hypocrite.

Then I told her that I wasn't going, "To spend the night at my best friends house anymore." She looked at me with an akward look. I quickly texed my friend and told him that I couldn't go.

I then decided to go to anothers friends house, but all we really did was pass out candy. This was actually more fun than i ever imagined. Seeing the smiles on these kids faces made me so happy.

When i went inside my friends house I met a four year old named Oscar, and he definately put a smile on my face. He made my night, and I couldn't believe that this four year old made me laugh more than some of my friends at school. His smile really saved my life that day, and ever since that night something has changed about me.

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