Tuesday, November 17, 2009

RANDOMora: Let's WRITE...sonnets

Yes, you've heard from "That Religious Guy" that our class is writing sonnets and having to present them memorized to the class. If not, you need to check in more often.

I am a poem geek myself since I can remember from dinky couplets to haiku of the century--I love poetry. I love writing in general i suppose but poems are something I just like to focus more onto.

Anyhow, this project has made me realize that when writing or studying poetry, you must balance two acts: creativity and structure. Free writing is another thing, but when you're stuck writing a limerick and making it sound "punny," you got to realize the amount of paper you're willing to waste and rip from a 50 cent notebook. It's tiring and exciting, but with this project I think I may have a tougher battle with iambic pentameter. It is the road block to expressing my thoughts. How cruel.

Iambic pentameter is the structure of which I am having a hard time holding without giving my work a bit of pizazz. However, I also realized that just starting is its own road block for some of our classmates. Thus proving that not only kids should read more, but WRITE. Grammar (of which I make mistakes time to time), tone, figure of speech and so forth is important whether someone thinks so or not.

It's our language, the language of humor, heart, and mind.

So let that be a thought and maybe a poem?? -- WRITE. It's wonderful to just write whether it is poetry, journal, or just plain gibberish. Why not open yourself and see what you have inside?

A horrific saying would be: Why not cut yourself open and bleed yourself out onto the paper?
No, not emo, just plain cool.

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