Tuesday, November 3, 2009

That Religious Guy: Dio Mio! Moral Damages?

..... So listen up all you Churchies and God Squad Members, because this is your faith fix of today:

..... Apparently, the European Court of Human Rights has awarded (more like appeased...) Soile Lautsi, a Finnish woman residing in Italy, 5,000 euros or $7,400, in "moral damages." Her complaint? Lautsi says that her children had to attend a state school near Venice that placed crucifixes in every classroom. The European Court of Human Rights said that the crucifix would be deemed offensive against other religions and would "disturb" students of other faiths, especially atheists. Also, crucifixes in classrooms violated the concept of a secular education, blah blah, blah. Of course, the Italians are in a rage because their government has to pay this woman. Even the educational minister, Mariastella Gelmini, decried the decision saying, "In our country nobody wants to impose the Catholic religion, let alone with a crucifix...it is not by eliminating the traditions of individual countries that a united Europe is built."

..... Now, I haven't met a single person who was "morally damaged" by a crucifix. Sure, some clueless individuals (mostly atheists or Catholics in name not practice...) feel uncomfortable with the bloody appearance of Jesus Christ, but never has anyone ever come up to me and said, "Oh my word! I've been morally damaged because of the presence of your crucifix." That is just dumb. I mean I'm not European (Partly because I don't need a bathroom break, haha Carina)and I don't know what it's like there, but here in America, you can't just sue (I think) because you've been morally damaged. If so, many parents in the U.S. should be put on trial and pay fines because of the many morals they may have damaged. Not to knock parents, but surely everyone should pay a fine: teachers, friends, mail men, and the local kindergartner who runs with scissors. After all, all of these people have morally damaged in some way. Maybe I should sue ummmm the abortion clinics, music videos, and society as a whole because I am one morally damaged kid.

..... Italy is a Roman Catholic country and so Italians are angry since they view the court's decision as an attack on their culture, identity, and faith. Indeed it is. The Italian foreign minister argued that in an age where religions are trying to reconcile and get along, this court case has insulted Christianity. I wonder, in another scenario, if the woman had complained of Star of Davids or Bhudda statues in classrooms, would the European Court of Human Rights still rule the same way? This decision was biased and it's totally unfair to make the Italian government waste money just to please this woman.

..... The European Court of Human Rights said that crucifixes undermined the concept of a secular education. Well in that logic, Italian schools shouldn't teach any religion at all in history or other subjects. Why don't we just let go of this whole "education" concept and do without schools, since the Church, of course, started this whole academic revolution? Therefore this court was just biased against Christianity. Period.

..... Then there's the question of whether the Italian education system is somehow trying to convert unbelieving students to the Catholic faith...using crucifixes? How ironic! Yes, why don't we force all the people in the world to convert by using a Roman torture device used against our Lord. That's pretty fine and dandy! There's no reason or logic in believing that crucifixes are in classrooms for conversions. The crucifixes are just a testament to the Catholic heritage of Italy, home of the Vatican by the way. Now, the court is not forcing Italy to remove the crucifixes, but this decision to grant the woman money may just start this practice.

..... So today's lesson boys and girls is that in Europe, you can sue for moral damages. And apparently get away with insulting a religion to get your way.

- Jeremy "Grab your crucifixes and run!" Dela Cruz

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  1. Jeremy - this post should have had dozens of replies! Our news page has a direct email link to the European Commission Ministers - you can register your contempt for their moronic ruling.

    I'm taking it one stage further. The pathetic National Secular Society (NSS) in the UK recently ran an advert on London buses stating "Probably God does not exist - get over it". Note that the NSS use the word 'probably' - they are not even certain of their facts!! So I am taking legal action against the NSS with the help of a lawyer friend. Basically, I was caused mental distress by the advert, upset that my convictions are slighted, and that my sensibilities were offended by their advert. I am claiming the same amount as the crank who protested against crucifixes, and if I win, I will devote the entire amount to planting crucifixes on trains and buses and other public places.