Tuesday, November 17, 2009

RANDOMora:Ting Tings go GANGSTA?!

According to Yahoo, the Ting Tings have signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label as well as producing music for the two. A shock indeed.

"Jay is hoping to lend his production skills to some of the new material. The Staccato rhythmic style of The Ting Tings sits well with what he does best, so that was the attraction. Jay can make them one of the biggest British bands in America," a source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper.

Really? Well, if anyone can make an indie pop band into superstars it's Jay-Z! I think this will publicize them more, but "the biggest British bands in America?"--I think not. This isn't Donald Trump here who can just make money and fame come true, and they are certainly no Beatles.

One thing is also a question: If the Ting Tings are so tired of flying to different parts of the world away from home, why did they sign? Okay there is money. But being homesick and quote "We've seen the world. God, we've seen it about five times," is a thing they've got coming to them a whole lot more since their 2008 May tour.

What do you think? Will they succeed and become the next big band to be worshiped, or just a dub. Yea or nay?

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