Friday, November 13, 2009

Stuck At A Red Light

I have never thought that getting back on the right track would be so difficult. I used to believe that when life hits you hard , you always get back up quick. I miss when I was younger because the only thing I had to worry about was scrapped knees and when my older brothers sabotaged my barbies. Recently, in my life I fell down hard. My life went into a whole new direction. I am lost, and it is so hard to find my way back. I am disappointed in myself, because I have never got anything lower than a B on my report card. At this very moment I have an F in my favorite subject, which proves that something is very wrong. I am not the same person, and I wish I could go back in time and change things. However, I know that in my future I will have problems, and I don't need to let them get in the way of my education. My grade point average is suffering because I haven't applied my true ability in anything at all this year. I know that I need to step up to the plate, and I keep saying that I will but its not as easy as it looks. I have no ambition lately, which causes me to endure many obstacles. A thing I recently learned is that life is like a stop light. When it's green life is good. When it's yellow, you begin to let go of things. You are slowing down. However, red is all bad . You have completely stopped, and you haven't done anything to change the bad things. Right now, I would say that I am still stuck at the red light. My patience for waiting for it to turn green is lingering, however I need to get up and brush off the wounds. Ready, set, go !!!!! :)

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