Thursday, March 26, 2009

American Idol has my vote!

American Idol last night has ultimately changed my voting style. I am one of the few who actually dislike Danny Gokey for it seems he's getting unnecessary praise. Okay he can sing, but I disagree he's the best. Adam Lambert, on the other hand, I've always had a little fond over. He's so weird and has that rocker voice from famous 70's bands. But last night may have seriously decided who is capable of winning American Idol. Last night Lambert sang "Tracks of My Tears," and not only did he dominate the song but he managed to create an unforgettable moment. Nobody expected his soft and soulful voice to come out. Simon praised him and said "That was the best performance of tonight," rather than new coming judge Kara DioGuardi's comment of just being "One of" the greatest. Grr, she's annoying. He doesn't seem to stop surprising fans and I don't expect to see him at in the bottom three tonight. "TEAM ADAM!" I'll shout.

The worst of the night who may have saved a lot of behinds was the "Elaine Dancer," Megan Joy. Not only can she not dance, but WOWZERS, she cannot sing! She always plays the same tune of trying to soulfully jazz everything out, but what kind of artist are you? Yes, jazzy I suppose, but contestants should know that they are fighting to becoming the next American Idol, someone who can sing just about anything. These songs are meant to test how well your vocals are and what you are capable of doing. If a contestant chooses to stay with the same routine, how are we suppose to choose an artist? There is no uniqueness. However, Megan Joy's voice style is the least of her worries. Her voice is, how would you say, wobbly? Out of tune and out of charm she needs to go home once and for all.

American Idol is on tonight at 8 p.m. Hope you join me as I cheer for Lambert's safety and ironically Joy's departure.

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