Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Designer babies?!

So, I'm writing this column about the designer babies. You know those babies where parents will be able to choose what they want their kids to look like, and maybe even what they want their personality to be like. Sound crazy doesn't it! While thinking about what I wanted to say, I'm came across so many things. Like wouldn't this actually be pretty cool, to think that science has come this far. But most importantly, why would anyone ever want to do this? I mean we are all given this birth right, where we know that at least we are different from everybody else is some way.

Most importanly though, I came across the fact that my morals are still very rooted in my religion. Up to this point, I have always considered myself a cafeteria Catholic. The type of Catholic were I choose what I want to believe, and to disbelive. With this column I have come to realize that this designer baby idea is really morally wrong. I don't want to sound like a super conservative, but would God really have liked this. But most importantly would our society like this.

I know I'm going on a whole other tangent now, but have you ever seen that Fairly Oddparents episode where the pink-hatted Timmy Turner wishes for everybody to be a gray blob. What I'm trying to say out of this is, is that what our society has come to, just everybody most likely looking the same and having the same characteristics.

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