Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last day of spring break means beginning for responsibility

Nobody gives better hugs than my 3-year-old brother. I nearly fell trying to clasp onto my door.

"Alisya! Good Morning!" He yells in my face. I picked him up and sat him on the table for breakfast; possibly the last of breakfasts we will be able to share until the next school break. I pulled out the almost empty bag of Fruit Loops and poured them until his eyes popped out; just one of many little games we play.

Everyday of my break, my brother and I have been able to spend a lot of time together. It is unlikely we ever get to play during school and on weekends. This break has came to us fast, but it sure didn't take it's time to stay. We never had to go to any Incredible Chuckie's of some sort, but just stayed in the comfort of our own backyard. Many adventures digging up stuff we weren't suppose to and playing catch with our dog became a part of history back there.

Now that today happens to be the last day of spring break, he's become tired and doesn't realize it's hard to keep playing as soon as I start school again. I may have broke the little guy for all he does is lay down and watch DVDs. As he's sound asleep, I only wish break could be longer.

School has it's upside, but this ultimately is it's down. During the break I had reading logs; courtesy of Dei Rossi. I quickly got them out of the way but it did end up making him cranky that I couldn't fix his Ice Cream Truck made of a beaten cardboard box and duct tape. I sigh not able to wake him up, and wonder if I could limit on the responsibilities I take on at school and after.

Two weeks may sum up others as they visited Paris, France or even San Francisco, but home is the only place I want to be. Last day of spring break only starts a new day of having to ignore my little buddy. I hope there will be enough time to play games as there is responsibility. May I treasure his funny dances and dirt filled hair as he continues to peep through the holes of our neighbor's fence. Oddly during our time, no pictures were taken, but as long as we are able to keep enjoying ourselves, we won't need any.

Hope everybody had a fantastic spring break and see you soon!

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