Saturday, March 28, 2009

When Vampires go...good?

..... Yesterday, after Stations of the Cross at church (It isn't a Jeremy D.C. blog if it doesn't have religion!), me and my girlfriend, Sanae, where getting a ride to my aunt's house when I mustered enough courage to ask her to get her Twilight DVD so we could watch it. It's been a long time coming. With Twilight fanatics for friends, one's own struggle to boycott this movie madness crumbles away slowly. Plus with a girlfriend all fired up about the vampire series, why not try to connect with her on an emotional level? Isn't that what guys have to do or something?
..... So we pop in the DVD at 9:00pm, judgment hour. Sanae's already warning me that I'll think the movie sucks. Apparently she has this idea that Jeremy is a nonchalant, indifferent, un-romantic guy. Well she got down the first two adjectives, but un-romantic? Please! I've done my share of itsy-bitsy, teensey-weensey, lovey-dovey activities. But I digress...(oh! I always wanted to use that word!)
..... Anways, so there we were, curled up on the couch, holding hands and all that, and the movie opens up with a deer? Is this Bambi? Where's the blood and gore of vampire movies like Blade? So I made sure to fill most scenes with my side commentary until Sanae threatened to turn the movie off. Close call.
..... Finally, I got swept by the movie. Once it hit the end credits, I knew I had to admit it. Twilight is...ok. It actually has an interesting story, some cheesy parts, and some great songs. Sure it's a genuine chick flick, but it still hits that sweet spot in every person.
..... If Twilight was indeed a guy movie, the main character would have been on a quest to kill every singly vampire. But instead, Bella Swan falls in love with one!? Doesn't she realize she's falling in love with a dead person!? But anyways, so they go through the lives of two "normal" teenagers. The infamous biology room and baseball scenes were pretty funny. Except, why are two juniors taking biology? Poor grades?
..... Why was everyone so pale in the movie too? I mean I know they're vampires and all but is that really the skin tone of people from Washington state? Bella hits on this in the movie when she jokes that she got kicked out of Arizona because her skin wasn't tan enough. The glittery skin of vampires in sunlight also kind of over did it for me. That was so gooey that it was cheddar cheesey.
..... The songs were pretty awesome, however. Especially "Flightless Bird" by Iron and Wine, which by the way is our song now! hahaha I'm not going to go on a description dervy talking about how the lyrics painted vivid pictures of their struggle to love each other and how the music complemented the storyline, so I'll try to save space and say it was awesome. Again.
..... My question here is why are girls all over the world falling in love with the idea of a romance with a vampire? Where has the fear gone? Where's the mob mentality that spurred people to grab their torches and pitchforks to drive those blood suckers away? Have we really come to the point in our cultural development where vampires have become sex symbols instead of frightening individuals born from evil!? Some explain that vampires represent the wild, untapped tendencies of human nature. It seems that only vampires can offer a rugged romance and if given the chance I'm willing to bet that Sanae, along with many of her Twilight colleagues, would gladly dump their boyfriends to go out with an Edward Cullen. So the thoughts of every boyfriend in the world now revolve on several things: "Where do I keep that crucifix, spare holy water, and that wooden stake I got for my birthday?"

- Jeremy Dela Cruz, Vampire Hunter


  1. omg what a coincidence i saw it too yesterday! but at 11pm
    i agree it was okay but what can you expect from a movie written by a romantic? that's what makes it so cool because it's unlike what you'd expect.
    it's probably saying that no matter who a person is, love is inevitable and can appear in everyone.
    by the way kudos on the girlfriend
    she must be lucky :]

  2. Well, Washington IS a cold state, which is why the vampires chose to live there, anyway, and that's why everyone looks so pale. xD

    Also, them taking biology is different from our biology because it's not all the same where we have all sophomores taking it. The normal thing there is probably having juniors taking it. Yeah? And I'm glad you liked it. XD The baseball scene was my favorite :)

  3. Yeah she must be lucky hahaha Who knows? If things ended differently hahaha :]

  4. idk what that means you silly goose!
    great blog keep at it :D

  5. Whatever. those people were freaky deaky pale. actually this post is ironic because it watched it on wendsday. the glowing was crappy. it looked like 80's special effects... haha
    but my favorite scene had to be baseball scene and then prom scene
    oh, wait backtrack. My favorite was the kissing scene in her room.

  6. does anyone think is was weird when he was in her room while she was sleeping? ...i find that scary

  7. i find that highly disturbing
    edward is the next mark david chapman
    heavy breathing
    fogging up glasses

  8. lol!! okay erica let's not stray
    lol i just about the Bono dance for a moment..wonder what would have happened if that made the movie

    oh and the twilight paramore music video..although i seen it a thousand times..very good!

  9. hhaha
    at the prom every one starts the bono dance
    i can so see that
    that music vid id ok i guess

    but at the prom she dancing on his feet
    then he starts to bono dance
    she says: I dont think we're supposed to dance like this
    he replies
    have you been around for 100 years?
    i know how to get down
    this dance is always in style
    so shut it, before i drop you

  10. oh wow erica that would have been a treat
    we should illegally edit it so it works haha

  11. Oh yeah did I tell you guys I got asked out to prom!? Hopefully it'll be like Twilight but instead of meeting a vampire I can kill him and feed him to Michelle. Random comment but just wanted to post it cause I'm on the phone with Michelle.

  12. ooh jeremy whip out the bono dance for alisya and I at prom
    dont eat the vampire
    he's undercooked
    hence the paleness

  13. oh btw, i am on twitter
    its boring yet kinda awesome